Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018

City leaders again looking to squander taxpayer dollars

Here’s my rant for today. Our great city leaders are going to work on South Carson Street, turn the three-lane section down to two lanes. Are they nuts?

Right now the population of Carson City is around 55,000. In 10 years or 15 with the new building, I can foresee a population of 70,000 and after that soon approaching 75 to 80K.

What will they do then when Carson Street traffic looks like the 405 freeway at rush hours? Every household generally has two cars, and if kids are involved a few more.

I can see them spending $10 million or more, then tearing the two lanes and going back to three lanes.

Didn’t we do something similar to this before? In the ‘90s the city spent big bucks putting up that black wrought-iron fencing along Carson Street with fancy street lighting, only to be reversed when that expensive fencing was removed after the single-lane project went through. That was money thrown down the rats nest and nobody seems to care.

I guess the city thinks like this: It’s not our money, so what, we’ll just raise the property taxes some more. The citizens will go along with this because they are just buffoons.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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