Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Does a fee ever get rescinded?

In a recent guest column to the Nevada Appeal the author used a whole new approach to push the global warming/climate change agenda. Let us remember that the reason they are now talking so much about climate change and not global warming is that the proponents of global warming got caught fudging the data to support their opinions.

Now the argument uses a somewhat murky “study” that warming temperatures causes an increase in crime and PTSD to those who worry about a change in climate. Are you friggin’ serious? Does the author even know what PTSD is? In addition there is no consensus that increased crime is caused by a warming climate. You can research that yourself. Let’s not forget that climate is always changing and always has, as shown by the geologic record of ice core samples. These samples collected by geologists and studied by climatologists show that our climate has indeed changed over thousands of years. Alternating between warming and cooling.

Did you know that accurate global thermometer records only go back 135 years? Hardly enough time to make accurate statements about a changing climate and that it is going to get worse and we are all going to die. That is what those pushing the global warming agenda want you to believe though.

And what is their solution you might ask? Why introduce a new tax (they disguise it by calling it a “fee”) of course. Per the author of the column: “The plan is to place a gradually-rising fee on the carbon content of fuels and rebate the revenues to the American people.”

How exactly would that work? Nothing further from the author to enlighten us. It certainly sounds like the Bernie Sanders solution to everything though. Free everything for everybody at no cost! So those being charged these “fees” wouldn’t pass along a percentage of those costs to consumers? When has that ever happened? Be smart enough to do your own research instead of allowing those pushing the global warming agenda to push us into rash actions. Once a “fee” is in place, does it ever get rescinded?

David Knighton

Carson City


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