Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018

Libs can’t cope with improvements under Trump

Recently our favorite liberal submitted a letter to the editor that contained the usual insults and lack of any real facts. I must admit that it must be difficult for him these days with things improving so much with the economy, lowering unemployment, job growth and North Korea no longer firing rockets over Japan. I would imagine that it could make his head pop.

Fortunately nothing could be harmed if that were to happen, since it is hard to hurt a vacuum. A month or so after the presidential election he, along with other liberals, wrote to voice their displeasure over the Electoral College results and even promised to provide a better election system in a subsequent letter. I must have blinked and missed it. I responded with my own letter to voice my opinion on our elections, even admitting that I did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I chose the option of “None of these candidates.” President Trump may not be the most gifted orator or use the best judgment when choosing his words in tweets but he is following through with the promises he made when campaigning for the job.

Hillary? She still has issues with the truth and our country is much better off that she isn’t president, in my opinion.

As far as our favorite liberal’s reference to crow; well, I feel much more comfortable with crow than you must feel with all those buzzards circling you and your little liberal friends.

One thing is certain, in the next election I will vote for President Trump to continue for four more years just to cancel out the vote of my favorite liberal.

David Knighton

Carson City

Only in Carson City

What’s wrong with this picture? Grandma Hattie’s is to become a casino, while a few blocks up the street is the still vacant Ormsby House with plenty of room for a modern casino and lots of parking.

Only in Carson City.

Ray Almer


Concern about school board meeting

Having watched the Carson City School Board meeting July 24, I must state my opinion that I was shocked that the board was not given the final draft of the new negotiated contracts regarding pay raises for CESA (classified staff) and CCHSPA (healthcare providers). I want to know who is responsible to make sure the board members have a copy of these contracts and be able to read them before voting on them. A motion was made to move the vote until all board members could review the contracts and then vote, considering 75 percent of their budget is salaries it would be in everyone’s interest to know and understand what they are voting for.

The contract with CESA was a four-year contract and CCHSPA was a one-year contract. All board members except one, Ryan Green, voted for and passed these contracts. Ryan Green stated he wanted to vote for it, but not having seen it he felt it was his fiduciary duty to the citizens to wait until he could review it so he abstained. The board should have waited to vote on this for many obvious reasons. The man representing this to the board, A.J., even stated that retro pay would be provided for the employees should the board wait for a vote. I’m glad that at least one board member showed transparency and had the courage to do what’s right.

It reminds me of the famous quote by U.S. Rep Nancy Pelosi, we must pass this so we can see what’s in it.

Pam Perondi

Carson City


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