Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 10, 2018

Great time to enjoy Sunridge Golf Course

For those of you who love to play golf, this is an excellent year to play a golf course that has to be one of the most improved in Northern Nevada.

Sunridge Golf Course, under the new ownership of Dan Oster, General Manager Ken Stott and Superintendent Phil Lundquist, has blossomed into a course that should be on everyone’s list to play.

The greens and fairways are in the best shape that I have seen them in the nine years I have played golf in the Carson City area.

LPGA Teaching Professional Raegan Bellik can help you with your game, no matter what your skill level. Even if you are having a tough day of golf, the view from the 14th Tee Box will put a smile on your face.

If you like to challenge your golfing ability or just want to get out and enjoy incredible views of the Sierra mountains and surrounding valleys, this is a great place to spend some time.

David Knighton

Carson City

What happened to the Republican Party?

John Boehner recently said, “There is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump Party. The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere.”

I feel so ashamed of what the Republican Party has become.

And Republicans in Congress, including Sen. Dean Heller, just stood by while the party crumbled into a threat to the balance of power in our democracy.

So my question is, “Why?” Why does Heller stand by and do nothing? Where are his ethics? Why does he not defend our democratic system? What could he possibly gain by staying silent?

I really want to know Heller’s reasoning. Because if my son ever acted so dire, you can bet I would step in and correct his behavior. But of course he would not act that way because he is an ethical, empathetic, non-racist, law abiding citizen. And he is only 28 years old.

So what is Heller’s excuse for not defending the rule of law in our democracy?

Robin Hunter

Mound House

Commentary ignores Trump’s successes

Not one word about the long list of benefits and accomplishments of the Trump administration in the ugly diatribe written by Martin J. Fischer.

Why are liberals so deranged? Look at the economy! Look at the unemployment reports! Good things are happening but the liberals are apparently blind.

And I’m not too sure about this newspaper.

Don Drake

Carson City

Housing growth needs water from somewhere

I found it both amusing and disturbing when I read the front page of the Appeal on Friday, June 1, and the headline “Water Restrictions Go Into Effect Today,” referencing restrictions for Carson City residents on allowable days for watering landscaping and vegetation.

Given that we just finished a nearly normal snowpack with water still left over from last seasons’ record monster winter, I found it amusing that the city would need to make this restriction. Maybe they know something we don’t.

However, I found it very disturbing that with the new restriction in place, both Carson City, Douglas County and most of Northern Nevada continue to approve large residential developments.

More disturbing is their continual variances converting ag land to residential for the purpose of more residential development. Must be great to be a developer in the valley!

We have seen previously filled reservoirs go bone dry in just recent years. After all of these new houses are built, where is the water going to come from, especially in the next drought?

Ted Warburton


How far can the left sink?

I thoroughly enjoy reading all the hysterical anti-Trump letters printed here. The amount of disinformation and dishonesty is staggering. Liberals just can’t face the fact that 2008 through 2016 were a complete disaster for this country.

Obama’s failed administration did everything possible to divide this nation based on race, religion, income and gender. It was his mission to pit American against American.

I hold Obama personally responsible for much of the violence committed against police officers in the last decade.

Liberals are also living in denial regarding the election of Trump. It wasn’t Russia, Assange or Comey. It was Hillary! She was a terrible political candidate who couldn’t become dog catcher outside of San Francisco.

Libs, keep bashing Trump, please. Every fake news slur gets him more votes. We have peace talks with North Korea. There have been 17 American hostages released from foreign nations since Trump, without a penny of U.S. currency being spent. We have 3.8 percent unemployment, lower taxes on the working class and manufacturing jobs coming back in droves. We are negotiating fair trade deals and cracking down on illegal immigrants.

My goodness, we even have liberals defending MS-13 and the Iranian mullahs. How far can the left sink? President Trump has been a miracle for this country. The ruling class needs to stop him, Democrats and Republicans alike. The establishment can’t let an outsider solve problems that have existed for generations. If he did, well, we wouldn’t need the establishment, would we?

Dan Cerda



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