Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 1, 2018

‘Real’ ID just makes things more difficult

Make sure your Nevada driver’s license is still good for identification as of October 2020. Then you’ll need a real ID license or ID card to board an airplane. The new federal government law could require a bunch of proof of identity papers to get one.

If you have a name change, like most married women, or were married outside of the United States be prepared for problems. Women especially will have to carry a briefcase full of papers to prove who they are. The Federal I.D. Act will make flying the friendly skies much less friendly. They say it’s intended to help combat terrorism and identity theft. It’s just another hardship thrust on the American people who want to visit loved ones across the country.

Frank L Mielcarek


Establishment unfair to Schmidt

I have owned a home and lived in Washoe Valley in State Senate District 16 for almost 20 years. I have known Gary Schmidt and been active with him in the Washoe County Republican Party for around five years. I have visited with him at his home at the Reindeer Lodge over that time period. When he returned from a trip to Alabama in March of this year I offered and he moved into a room in my house which he has occupied during that time period and still occupies. It is only 15 minutes from the Reindeer Lodge which I have knowledge he is working on on a regular basis. He has always expressed his intention to move back into his home there as soon as he can.

I attended the District Court Hearing and submitted a sworn affidavit to these facts. Judge Wilson overlooked many inherent/apparent facts when he ruled that Gary does not have an “address” in the district. He was/is living at my house in the District. The Judge just ignored that fact. He is also in the beginning process of rebuilding a house on property he owns off of Andrew Lane where he had a house that burned down in the Andrew Lane Fire. That property is also in District 16. Actually Gary has several “addresses “in the District. It appears to me that the Establishment has worked to prevent a fair election in Senate 16 as I have been contacted and talked with several people who indicated when they voted they believed Gary was not eligible but would have voted for him if it was known he was eligible. Something very wrong has happened here and should be corrected while there is still time.

Larry Green

Washoe Valley

Drivers have courtesy for bicyclists

While bicycling down Division Street with my wife last week we were approaching a parked car and needed to move further into the street, (we try not to inconvenience the motor vehicle drivers). A van approaching from behind blew their horn at us. There were no vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, so the van could have passed us without a problem. You might think this was a “Heads Up” honk, but it wasn’t. I know the difference between a courtesy honk and a get out of the way honk. When the van passed us I was very surprised to see it was a Michael Hohl Courtesy van! Bicycles and motor vehicles have to share the same road. Motor vehicles must give at least 3 feet of passing room before passing bicycles. Let’s all be safe and courteous on the road.

Larry Marinel

Carson City

Article was fascinating

Rich Moreno’s The Nevada Traveler is a terrific Nevada book. Many thanks for printing some if the chapters. The Lost Aurora in Sunday’s paper is a succinct, excellent account of the mining background there and a super read about part of the Silver State’s unique history.


Victoria Roberts



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