The Popcorn Stand: A missed free throw means all the world

Every time this old fuddy, duddy thinks there’s no hope for this world, I come across a story like this. And admittedly I’m late jumping on the bandwagon as this story has received plenty of national attention since it happened on Sunday.

Jordan Bohannon, who plays for the Iowa men’s basketball team, had a chance to etch his name alone in the school record book for the most consecutive free throws made at 35. He was tied for the school record at 34 with Iowa leading Northwestern, 73-65, late in the game and was at the foul line ready to shoot his free throw. He missed.

He decided it was good enough he remained tied for the school record with Chris Street. He decided to honor Street, who died in a car accident at age 20 in 1993.

Records are made to be broken and chances are this record will be broken especially when an Iowa player steps to the line ready to make his 35th straight free throw with a lot more on the line during a much more successful season than the Hawkeyes are having this year. But the moment will never be forgotten.

Admittedly it wasn’t that difficult of a decision for Bohannon to make. Iowa is mired in a losing season with no hope of playing in the postseason unless it makes an unimaginable run to with the Big 10 Tournament to qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

True, the outcome of Sunday’s game was still at stake as even though Iowa was in control, an eight-point lead late in the game wasn’t insurmountable. But let’s face it, it wasn’t that meaningful of a game.

Still, Bohannon, had enough perspective to realize that and remember what’s really important when he said, “Life is obviously bigger than basketball.”

— Charles Whisnand


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