Cross — and message — carried though Carson City

Wes Mauch of Lake Matthews, Calif. heads north on S. Carson St. with his cross Wednesday morning.

Wes Mauch of Lake Matthews, Calif. heads north on S. Carson St. with his cross Wednesday morning.

Meet Wes Mauch. He was seen walking from Minden through Carson City and into Washoe Valley on Wednesday carrying a cross.

Mauch is a man of God. He has been carrying his cross for seven years. He’s originally from California, where he has done most of his walking and preaching. He says he has walked more than 19,000 miles through 880 towns and cities, and led 1,810 men, women and children with him in prayer. “On June 10, in 2010, Jesus spoke to me,” said Mauch. “He told me to make this cross and carry the cross, so that’s what we’re doing; hallelujah. God doesn’t want restriction or limitation, he told me to go into the streets.”

On Wednesday, Mauch said he spent some time in Minden, and was coming through Carson and Reno, making his way eventually to Oregon. This is his third cross he’s carried over the years, saying he just felt he could make them bigger. The one he carries now is about 8 feet tall and 6 feet across.

“The purpose of this is the cross is not religious in itself. The cross is the power,” said Mauch. “And with the cross, I speak of Jesus and what he did for us. When I acknowledge and believe the son of God died for me on this cross, then what I’m doing is giving life to the symbol.”

Mauch was thankful to be accompanied by Ken Harvey, who drives along while Mauch walks. Harvey is a member of Through the Bars ministry, which he write letters and poems to prison inmates, including his book of poems, “Hourglass.” He currently worships with 38 inmates between about 12 prisons. Inside the Honda, Harvey was equipped with water, snacks — whatever Mauch needed.

“He’s the driver. I couldn’t get anybody to do what Ken does as well as he does it. It could be 118 degrees outside and we’re out there,” said Mauch.

Both men had some amazing stories to tell about their journeys. Harvey said they’ve had a clear path without much hindering. They’ve never run into issue with law enforcement, and even Caltrans has always done an amazing job of clearing the snow for them, considering they’ve made their way through any type of weather mother nature can conjure up for them.

“The worse the conditions, the deeper the impression,” said Harvey.

One of the stories they shared was about when they were walking in Banning, Calif. A gang member, covered in his gang tattoos, pulled over and got out of his car. Right there, in the street with Mauch, he got on his knees and began to weep. His mother then got out of the car and joined them, thankful her son had seen the greatness of God.


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