Stealing the show: 5 local women compete in Fallon's annual dance contest

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman

The following Fallon women are competing this year:


Although she likes to dance, Natalie claims she has no moves.

But that doesn’t discourage her from being a part of the event, in which she’s been practicing many hours each day.

“I can’t dance, I have no rhythm, possibly tone deaf, and oddly have been craving to be on Dancing With the Stars for many years,” she said.

Matley-Keeney is a registered nurse and senior Med-Surg, Infusion, and Labor and Delivery at Banner Churchill Community Hospital. She graduated with an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2001.

She also is an author of the young adult book series, “Thorenland.”

But what brought her to stardom is in regards to serving the community.

“I walked into the room at the wrong time and said yes to potentially embarrassing myself for the purpose of helping local kids,” she said.

During her spare time, Matley-Keeney enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, especially when it comes to the

outdoors and hunting.


Karen Horne remembers her first dance with a partner; it was during her childhood.

“It was with my dad, standing on his feet waltzing around the room,” she said.

Horne’s childhood and teen years consisted of all things performance, including gymnastics, dance, and track.

Since her father obtained multiple careers in schools and the education field, Horne went from living in Utah to California, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado.

“As a very shy kid,” she said. “I discovered I loved moving to music and found it was a great way to express myself. When I played a raindrop in my first recital production, I knew I wanted more.”

She then received her bachelors in Fine Arts in Ballet at the University of Utah, where she met her husband, Jef. After expanding their dancing careers in Utah and Texas, the couple settled in Fallon to open The Studio for the Performing Arts on Arnold Way.

But little did Horne know she would be featured in Fallon’s 11th annual biggest dance party of the year.

To prepare, she’s sharpening up her memory for moves with crossword puzzles.

“I’ve wondered how past stars have had the guts to do such a terrifying thing — people watching from all sides,” she said.

During her free time, Horne enjoys taking walks, quilting, and reading. With Jef, they have seven children and eight grandchildren.


Cherilee Sorenson’s dream is to continue a lifelong passion for performing.

Growing up, Sorenson’s father served as a pilot in the Army; the family lived all over the United States and for three years in Germany.

She and her siblings had an obsession with musical theatre, singing and dancing; as the oldest of seven children, Sorenson directed her siblings in lengthy productions and put on shows for their parents.

After high school, Sorenson went to school at Utah State University majoring in Theatre Arts and performed in a community theatre in Logan.

She then served a full-time mission for the Latter-day Saints church in the Netherlands and later earned her Legal Secretary Associates Degree from Stephens Henagar Business College upon her return.

She met her husband, Ryan, at an LDS Institute show choir and they still enjoy performing together to the day.

Now, Sorenson is pumped to be a part of Fallon’s DWTS.

“I’ve learned throughout life that I’m going to make an idiot of myself, sometimes,” she said. “When I perform, I can have people laugh with me instead. Also, I’ve always wanted to play the role Mary Poppins and this is probably the only chance I’ll ever get.”

Sorenson enjoys homeschooling her three youngest children out of the six, and also enjoys scrapbooking and is a world and ancestry history guru.

“Whether acting or directing, I love sharing that journey with the audience,” she said.


One of Amy O’Flaherty’s favorite pasttimes is during 6th grade at the former Minnie Blair Middle School, where she performed in her first dance.

“It was the Halloween sock hop,” she said. “We danced with partners in lines and I never wanted it to end.”

The language arts teacher at Oasis Academy is excited to be performing in her first dancing competition in Fallon’s DWTS, especially after Principal Rochelle Tisdale competed three years ago.

O’Flaherty is an alumni of Churchill County High School Class of 1987, and the University of Nevada, Reno Class of 2001.

By 2014, she received her Master of Arts in Teaching from Sierra Nevada College. After college, she taught 4th grade in Georgia, and taught 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in subsequent years.

Although to participate in Fallon’s DWTS is surreal for her, O’Flaherty’s biggest influences are close to home.

“My mother has been a huge influence, along with my dad,” she said. “They have been dancing together for more than 50 years. But I can’t ignore my husband, Patrick, who always dances with me. Also, my girls, Maggie, Ellie, and Sadie inspire me to just do it.”

Aside from teaching and spending time with her family, O’Flaherty also enjoys reading and cooking.


As a child growing up in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Caroline Coleman danced with other kids her age at Kirchweih festivals — also known as beer fests—held throughout all of spring and summer.

“Dancing with a partner is something most Germans love to do,” she said. “We always find an occasion to celebrate with beer, music and dance, and that is something I miss very much. We also take mandatory dance lessons in school. It is part of the curriculum.”

Fast forward to today, to be a part of Fallon’s Dancing With the Stars is one of Coleman’s 2018 resolutions: to say yes to more adventurous opportunities.

“I love to dance, I don’t care if it is to Hip Hop or Ballroom dancing,” she said. “As long as there is music I can move to, I am happy.”

After her first visit to the United States, Coleman moved to the country after she finished her stylist apprenticeship when she was 15. She is the owner of Chandler & Coleman Salon on West Williams Avenue.

For Coleman, it has always been her dream to be a part of Fallon’s DWTS.

“My husband of 26 years and best friend Billy Coleman has always inspired me to follow my dreams, especially if the dreams seemed too scary to pursue,” she said. “My business partner and best friend Liz Chandler, and my Aunt Christel Hinkley, whom was the reason I came to the U.S. But I would say my children, Emily and Billy and watching them grow up into beautiful adults, seeing how excited and full of energy they are about life, having big dreams and not afraid to pursue them has inspired me tremendously.”

On her off days, Coleman enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and four-wheeling.


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