Past Pages for Saturday, March 24, 2018

150 Years Ago

Property for sale: Mr. E. B. Rail, being about to move to San Francisco with his family, offers his very desirable place of residence with furniture and other hereditaments and appurtenances. He also offers his horse, buggy and harness for sale. Mr. Rail has formed a business connection with Messrs. Linforth and Kellogg and the new firm is Linforth, Kellogg & Rail. If Rail must go, why good luck to him; but we are sorry to lose him and the better two-thirds of his family. His business here will carry on.

140 Years Ago

Pencil scratches: Two barber poles, we mean the poles, not the barber, have been erected in front of the shop on Carson Street, below Spear. They are a great improvement to that part of the sidewalk.

130 Years Ago

Stamps: A Missouri postmaster has posted a placard in his office, bearing the following: “Stamps, 2 cents — Stamped licked, 3 cents — Stamps licked and stuck, 4 cents.

100 Years Ago

Advertisement: “The Sea — I have fresh stocks of sea-fish of excellent quality, which I am selling at prices which permit good living without high cost. Read this list of good things: Codfish, 2-lb. bricks, each 37 cents; salmon tips, choice, per lb. 35 cents; Norway Mackerel in Bordelaise Sauce, 5 oz. 15 cents; Norway Kippered Herring, 5 oz. 14 cents; canned shell fish — crab, wood-lined tins, 6 oz. 30 cents; minced clams, 7 oz. 35 cents ... Ed J. Walsh.”

70 Years Ago

President Truman’s draft revival: President Truman asked Congress to revive the draft temporarily to prevent war in a world faced with the “growing menace of Russian expansion.” Three urgent requests were recommended: to complete European recovery, enactment of universal military training, and reenactment of selective service in order to maintain armed forces.

20 Years Ago

Yucca mountain: Storage of the nation’s nuclear site at the Nevada site could have an earthquake or lava flow every 1,000 years or so, about 10 times more frequently than estimated earlier. Scientists found the earth’s crust around Yucca Mountain is stretching at the rate of up to .06 of an inch a year — this according to satellite data.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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