Reno’s InNEVator seeks participants for 2018 startup bootcamp

RENO, Nev. — The “Internet of Things” (Iot) is defined as the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

What this means for everyday people is the ability to tweak the thermostat, start the laundry, order household items on-demand and much more, all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet, through the use of apps. The Internet of Things is also used to gather and sort data within the farming, agriculture, healthcare, energy, retail and transportation industries, among others.

Throughout Northern Nevada, various organizations are looking to capitalize on IoT advancements, and one such initiative is the InNEVator, a one-of-a-kind bootcamp hosted through the University of Nevada, Reno’s Innevation Center.

The center carries the added title of being “Powered by Switch,” and it is located at 450 Sinclair St. in Reno.

InNEVator, meanwhile, is sponsored by UNR Breadware Inc. and Watershed Growth Ventures. It was designed to help grow and guide Reno tech startup companies through the many phases of their startup, said Innevation Center Director Jim Sacherman, all while guided by skilled business advisers.

“Shifting our focus to inviting, then developing emerging companies in this space is pretty exhilarating,” Sacherman said. “We happen to have a high concentration of leaders in the IoT space in Reno, so honing in on that niche to grow our tech community sets us up for some really promising long-term business strategies and companies I believe will capture the international stage someday.”

Companies are selected to participate in eight weeks of immersion training in everything they need to grow a business.

They get personal mentorship to tackle developing prototypes, creative thinking, commercialization, seed funding, operations management, customer engagement and more, Sacherman said.

As a startup company, the value the boot camp provides is priceless, said InNEVator Co-Director Scott Levy, particularly when it comes to facilitating introductions to investors who can help turn their plans into reality.

“There’s much to be said about the collaborative community in Reno, and at InNEVator,” Levy said. “We are a startup ourselves, and our collective drive to lift one another up does not happen in other cities.

“We hear it again and again from the companies we work with that Reno’s tech community is a breath of fresh air. Our mentors and investors are committed to the success of each company we bring here.”

After a successful 2017 bootcamp, InNEVator is looking for budding young founders to join its Fall 2018 program.

The application period begins August 2018 and requires potential participants to tell InNEVator about their company, product and founders; including professional background, areas of expertise and excitement about their project.

Visit to learn more and apply.

Cassandra Walker is a special assignments reporter for Sierra Nevada Media Group. She can be reached at


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