Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clue 9

Clue No. 9 His literary adventures Would have included this stop Now the Legendary Jimmy May bring you out on top Clue No. 8 Honor those who served If you want to win Memorials being found Bordering and within

Clue No. 7

For this essential move

They laid down its track

Is has now been rebuilt

An enjoyable comeback

Clue No. 6

Naming can be difficult

Requiring a heavy glance

Or in this locale’s case

The public majority’s stance

Clue No. 5

Timely passersby may

Notice them tall and green

As these locales

Include then in their scene

Clue No. 4

For their significance

They are registered nationally

Celebrating Nevada

And doing so inspirationally

Clue No. 3

Whether here or there

If you angle correctly

You might see the rainbow

Even if indirectly

Clue No. 2

From the southern limit

Of this tally of eight

To the northern conclusion

Is where you should fixate

Clue No. 1

Start from the first that

Bonds state and quest

Search out one designed

For celebration and rest


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