2018 Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clues & Explanations

Clue #1

Start from the first that

Bonds state and quest

Search out one designed

For celebration and rest

As this is the 17th year of the treasure hunt, this year the clues direct hunters from a previous hiding location to this year’s location. The first medallion was hidden at the Mormon Station in Genoa, which is often also cited for being Nevada’s first settlement. Idlewild Park was designed and first used for the 1927 Transcontinental Highway Exposition, which celebrated the completion of the Lincoln and Victory Highways. The park is now a popular place in Reno for rest and recreation. The medallion can be found this year in Idlewild Park.

Clue #2

From the southern limit

Of this tally of eight

To the northern conclusion

Is where you should fixate

State Route 341 has terminuses in both Lyon County, to the south, and Washoe County, to the north. The sum of the numbers 3, 4 and 1, is eight. The second medallion was hidden in Silver City, which is located in the county with the southern terminus of State Route 341. Whereas, this year the medallion is located in Washoe County, the northern terminus of State Route 341. This clue advises hunters to look for the medallion in Washoe County.

Clue #3

Whether here or there

If you angle correctly

You might see the rainbow

Even if indirectly

The third medallion was hidden at Rancho San Rafael Park. The Rancho San Rafael Pond is stocked with Rainbow trout by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. This clue tells hunters to search near another body of water also stocked with Rainbow trout, like Idlewild Pond.

Clue #4

For their significance

They are registered nationally

Celebrating Nevada

And doing so inspirationally

The fourth medallion was hidden at the Nevada State Museum. Both the California Building, at Idlewild Park, where the medallion is hidden this year, and the Nevada State Museum, are registered with the National Register of Historic Places. In order to obtain such status they had to establish their significance to history, architecture, or archaeology. Both such places are utilized to celebrate Nevada. This clue tells hunters to look at a nationally registered historic place like Idlewild Park

Clue #5

Timely passersby may

Notice them tall and green

As these locales

Include them in their scene

The fifth medallion was hidden in Boundary Park in Minden/Gardnerville, where a tall green street clock resides. This year the medallion is hidden in Reno, which also has a tall green street clock. Reno’s clock first appeared on Virginia Street in November 1935 and now resides in the downtown Reno City Plaza. This clue tells hunters the medallion is located in Reno.

Clue #6

Naming can be difficult

Requiring a heavy glance

Or in this locale’s case

The public majority’s stance

Galena Creek, where the sixth medallion was hidden, was named for the natural mineral form of lead sulfide, known as lead glance or galena. Heavy is a synonym for lead. Idlewild Park, where the medallion is located, was given its name by a vote of the citizens of Reno through a newspaper contest. It was named for the new airport at the time in New York City called Idlewild; although, that airport later became known as the JFK International Airport. This clue tells hunters to look for the medallion in Idlewild Park

Clue #7

For this essential move

They laid down its track

It has now been rebuilt

An enjoyable comeback

In 1870 the V&T Railway began to transport ore out of the Comstock in Virginia City, the hiding place of the seventh medallion. The V&T Railway declined in the 1930s, but has since been restored. This year the medallion is hidden near another train, the miniature train located in Idlewild Park. That train was moved several times before being relocated to Reno where old ore cart rail tracks from the Comstock were utilized to build its train tracks. This clue points hunters to Idlewild Park.

Clue #8

Honor those who served

If you want to win

Memorials being found

Bordering and within

Adjacent to Riverview Park, where the eighth medallion was hidden, is the Korean War Veterans Memorial Park honoring those who served in the Korean War. Located within Idlewild is the Peace Officers Memorial honoring peace officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This clue tells hunters to search for the medallion near the Peace Officers Memorial in Idlewild Park.

Clue #9

His literary adventures

Would have included this stop

Now the Legendary Jimmy

May bring you out on top

In the sequel to “The Legend of Jimmy Spoon,” called “Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express,” Jimmy is a pony express rider, and as such he would have stopped at Fort Churchill, a former Pony Express stop and the location of the ninth medallion. This year the medallion is hidden near Spoon Drive in Idlewild Park.

Clue #10

With a foot in both places

Our histories incite emotion

For those that gave the

Full measure of devotion

The 10th medallion was hidden on a trail in the Fay Luther Canyon. Near the Fay-Luther trailhead, one can stand with a foot in California and a foot in Nevada. The State of California erected the California building in Idlewild Park to house its exhibits for the Transcontinental Highway Exposition of 1927. The California Legislature dedicated the building “To the memory of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to this nation” (World War I), and the dedication plaque still appears on the building at the main entry. This clue tells hunters to look in Idlewild Park near the California building.


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