Letters to the Editor for Aug. 3, 2019

Trump doesn’t define Democrats

Jim Hartman’s most recent column describes what he calls a “race to the bottom” between Donald Trump and certain congressional Democrats. The clear purpose of Trump’s tweet storm about “the squad” has been to define the entire Democratic caucus in terms of positions taken by four freshmen House members from deep blue districts.

Any objective observer would note that 36 members of the 235-strong Democratic caucus in the House represent red districts, and another eight hail from purple districts. Fact is, Nancy Pelosi’s flock is so bipartisan that a loss of 18 members holding any of the caucus’s 44 red and purple seats would hand the gavel to GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

The Republican conference, by contrast, has only one member from a blue district, and none from a purple district. It’s also worth remembering that rampant red state gerrymandering has resulted in Republicans occupying 16 seats that should by rights belong to the Democrats. For example, in last year’s congressional election Democratic candidates got more than 50 percent of the votes in North Carolina, yet Republicans took nine of that state’s 13 House seats.

In spite of such brazen electoral manipulation, Democrats currently hold 48 of the 50 House seats the Cook Political Report defines as the political center of gravity in Washington, D.C. Centrist voters of all stripes should keep these stark realities in mind when weighing their options ahead of next year’s general election.

Rich Dunn

Carson City

Answers could come if ex-president were charged

In response to the letter by Vincent Barnes (“Reader ponders former presidents’ security,” July 24): We’ll never know unless Obama is charged and convicted for treason.

Joseph Lopez

Carson City

Nation must consider impeachment to presidential problem

It’s difficult to remove a country’s nails of bigotry, racism and sexism from the clutches it might have, dot, dot, dot, when a president is waiting with a hammer to drive those very same nails right back in and Donald Trump is holding the hammer.

From day one, our so-called president has not only proven he’s uneducated on history and climate change, dislikes immigrants, is a womanizer, is an embarrassment to our country and is a big loudmouth, but one whom has proven himself wanting and shouldn’t be our country’s president.

I’ve been around for a few episodes of “Which President is Better?” and our president’s episode should be canceled. In the very least, what has this man really done to help “Make America Great Again?”

All the American people ever hear about are the insults, cheapshots and snide, stupid remarks the president makes about any and everyone of race, color, sex, gender, preference or another country’s creed which he considers unworthy.

He talks about and disrespects everyone. He’s supposed to be and act like a president and not just a wealthy person playing with a hobby he knows absolutely nothing about.

Impeachment is the only answer to a problem America and its people can do without. He’s becoming “persona non grata” — look it up with a lot of Americans nowadays; some were once his campaign supporters.

Our nation looks like it’s being run by a Nazi every single time he opens his mouth.

But that’s my opinion.

Don Paetz

Carson City

President’s Memorial Day actions should prompt others to do more

Okay, so I am slow. However, I can’t get over the absolute hate and stupidity of some of the letters here.

One of our fine citizens had to criticize the president for not being in the USA on Memorial Day. Our president was in France at the cemetery for 10,000 of my brothers that didn’t come home. He walked through the cemetery, talked to some of the souls in the ground and prayed over them. Then, he went to Omaha Beach where it happened.

So, I’ve got to ask, what have you ever done for your country? Well, other than voting Democrat.

Calvin Potts

Carson City


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