Letters to the editor for Dec. 18, 2019

Save Carson City’s history

I have lived in Carson City for almost half a century, and I’m sure others have lived here longer, but I have seen it grow in a population of about 20 thousand to what it is today. During that time good or not so good, depending on how you have been affected, many well-known sites have either been changed or torn down. Some of these include Doug’s West Indies, The Penguin, Scolaris and the Silver City Mall, to name a few. And now they want to tear down a historical building of over 155 years to expand a gas station. I don’t know how the local historical society views this, but I for one am saddened by it.

Carolyn Grey

Carson City

Stop impeachment focus

Regarding Laura Hale “Carson Residents to participate in impeachment rally” – Laura, why don’t you let the people decide in November 2020 which president they want. This stupid witch hunt has been going on for over two and half years. In 2016, 63 million American people voted for Trump and all that you Democrats have done is want to impeach Trump for doing what? Heresay etc is not something you can impeach him with. The American people are sick of this and wish those on the left in Washington, D.C. would get off of this ride and do something that they were sent to Washington to do and that is work for the American people. If all they can do is work on impeach then I hope the Nevadan’s will vote wisely in November as this divide isn’t helping this state or any other state in the country.

Corry Steiner

Carson City

Impeachment is a new low

In my opinion the American political scene has hit a new low. The current impeachment process is not about Donald Trump. It is about the defeat of the Democratic candidate for the position of the President of the United States of America during the 2016 Election.

Regardless of who had defeated the Democratic candidate they would suffer the same actions being used against Trump. Regardless of the characteristics, honesty or integrity of the Democratic candidate many Democrats would still support them.

The Democratic candidate in the 2016 presidential election had destroyed over 30,000 e-mail messages, called many Americans “deplorables” and per the Director of the FBI had made a number of untrue statements about their server. He had also stated they were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Many leaders in the Democratic Party have claimed they are seeking impeachment in order to protect our Constitution. They may believe this, however they are forgetting one of the major provisions of our Constitution is the right for all American citizens to a fair trial.

In a fair trial the defendant has the right to have witnesses and the right to cross examine witnesses for the prosecution. Democrats in our House of Representatives seem to be usurping the power of their office by denying the President the right to a fair trial.

There was a time when individuals elected to Congress, regardless of their political preference, put honesty, their integrity and their love of country before their political party. While they may have disagreed with other members of Congress they would have worked with them to resolve their disagreements.

Sanford Deyo


An open letter to Tom Steyer

You are just another escapee from the Democrat Party looney-bin. You’ll need that free health-care everybody is promisng if you keep breaking your arm patting yourself on the back for all the alleged things you’ve supposedly done for people. Hey, how about this, start a company and pay people a decent wage for a decent day’s work? Your employees could then spread that money around benefiting the economy. You may have heard of the concept — it’s called Capitalism and it beats Socialism 18 ways from Sunday! But, like your fellow loonies you try to buy votes by promising the moon. You’re hot to trot on climate change, right now — remember Al Gore told us umpteen years ago that we’d all be dead in 10 years – but we’re still here! Your latest schtick is term limits. I’d like to be there when you meet up with Michael Bloomberg. New York City has a two-year term limit for mayor. But, his majesty and most serene highness Nanny Doomberg illegally bought himself a third term. And finally, you claim you could go up against Donald Trump. Mister, Trump would eat you alive and spit out the bones!

I am not running for any political office and I approve this message,

John Frink

Carson City

Impeachment farce remedy

Smokey Bear says put the fire out. Dead out. That’s exactly what must happen with this impeachment farce. If any “embers” are allowed to fester deep down in the heap then this fire will kick up again.

As with any fire, the cabal at the base of this fire must be exposed to the sunlight, spread apart, crushed then hydrated immensely so as to never ignite again. That’s the one and only proper method of extinguishing any fire.

The Majority Party must be held to account, while under cross examination, and explain to all Americans their allegations and accusations. The persecuted will finally be capable of presenting their defense which so far has not been heard from. The defense must bring all pertinent witnesses into the Senate Trial and stand in front of the American population and tell the truth in its entirety. Let the chips fall where they may.

If the Senate dismisses the impeachment charges without bringing witnesses to the stand, the fire will continue and be used as opposition leverage. As Smokey says, put the fire out. Dead out.

Bob Buehler

Carson City

Younger leadership stepping up

I am a far cry from being part of Gen Z or the Millennial generation, but want to give a shout out to the younger leadership around the country stepping up to the plate in this most challenging era of American politics. Looking at the current state of national affairs — its angry, anxious, and divisive tone — suggests that the political performance of the older generation has fallen short, and it might be time to pass the torch of leadership to a new generation with fresh ideas, less cynicism and the energy for innovation and new pathways

In the Democratic primary process, age has unfortunately become an issue. Age should be irrelevant at either end of the spectrum. What the country needs is for the most qualified and compelling candidate to emerge from this long (too long, many say) process of candidate selection. That is not to dismiss experience. Experience is valuable, especially in the hands of those who with reflection and honesty learn from their stumbles and strides, but it can also lead to entrenched biases and hardened opinions that resist innovation, alternative perspectives and new directions Just as gender and race are immaterial in good leadership, so should age be disregarded as a qualifier for political office. The Constitution has set reasonable standards regarding age and citizenship for national office, but beyond those limits, demographics should not be a central focus - particularly not in a country whose founding charter declares the equality of all citizens.

With so much at stake in the national elections of 2020, let the candidates for all national offices be judged both by their merits and the persuasiveness of their platforms, not by superficial differences that are not predictive of performance and character.

Jill Derby

Former Democratic State Party Chair

Steyer is the candidate the U.S. needs

We need a president that walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to environmental issues. Just recently during a CNN Town Hall, Presidential hopeful Tom Steyer stood up and challenged his fellow democratic opponents to fly commercial and help the environment. It’s no secret that Tom can fly private; yet he chooses to travel economy and even drives a hybrid and electric vehicle to reduce his carbon footprint.

Tom puts his money where his mouth is and while other candidates criticize him for the amount of money he has invested in his own campaign, they continue to spend other people’s money and advocate for issues that they do not follow through with when no one is watching.

That’s why we need a president like Tom who has promised to declare climate change a national emergency and push congress to pass a Green New Deal, a deal which would be the biggest job creator since World War 2.

Cindi Lee

Carson City


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