Letters to the Editor for Feb. 6, 2019

President’s tweets show ignorance of global ‘waming’

The recent “Arctic freeze” over the Midwest proves that global warming is “fake,” right?


The warming Pacific Ocean has resulted in the jet stream looping high to the north over the West Coast, bringing our springlike temperatures in January. (Our annual spring invasion of those “hordes” of immigrant robins from the south arrived Jan. 30!).

Warming and loss of ice in the Arctic decreased pressure gradients in the “polar vortex” allowing the meandering jet stream to loop far to the south over the Midwest, bringing those current recordbreaking lows.

Average temperatures over all the northern latitudes continue to rise.

Unfortunately, the tweets of our president continue to demonstrate his willful ignorance of climate facts.

For more detail on this current extreme weather impact of global warming, see https://earthsky.org/earth/how-polar-vortex-connected-to-global-warming.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City

Carson City has great fire department

Just want to express that we are blessed to have a great fire department here in Carson City. Tonight my wife and I went out to a casino buffet for dinner and upon returning home I found my carbon monoxide alarm sounding off in the master bedroom. I changed batteries and the alarm was still sounding. I called the gas company to see if they could check my furnace out but it was after hours and impossible to get to a live person. Their voice message said if you’re having a problem to call 911 which I did. The fire department was dispatched and they checked both the house and furnace in garage room area. Both areas were cleared OK. They asked if I changed batteries and I replied yes just before I called you. The date on the Kidd combo alarm was dated 2011 and was told the alarm is most likely spent its time of use and needs replacing. For the night they left a new in package Kidd smoke detector to use in bedroom until I can replace my combo alarm. I was told to just keep it. It’s not only the big things they do for our city but also the little things like this that makes our community a good place to live in.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City

I don’t care about Democrat, Republican, left or right.

With all the hubbub and hot air about some guy dressing up with shoe polish on his face, does anybody remember a very loved and famous celeb performer back in the 1930s-40s named Al Jolson? Haven’t heard a word about him since all the racial garbage happened in Virginia on our slanted news media. This guy sang, danced and kept everybody laughing and feeling better during the 1930s financial depression. Now, let’s get the easily offended bunch off on a real off-the-wall tangent: I think he was Jewish. Gimme a break, guys; history happened, and you ain’t gonna change it.

George Gerlach


Specific Snow

Some people must have prayed for snow,

now we’re getting fourteen feet,

thank God they didn’t say a prayer,

for storms of sloppy sleet

Maybe some of them should stop and think,

before they say a prayer,

take a little hike outside

dressed in their underwear

Maybe their prayers could be specific,

about how much we get,

some of us have had enough

of weather cold and wet

Some unanswered prayers are blessings,

some don’t want what they may get,

all things in moderation,

the more you pray the less the debt

When it comes to snow and rain,

some people cry while others sing,

some bees bring us honey,

others tend to sting…

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City

Daylight Saving Time irrelevant

To: Governor Sisolak, NV Legislature

I want to direct your attention to what may appear to be an unimportant subject but, in reality, is quite the contrary.

I believe with all my heart that it is time to discontinue the insanity of Daylight Savings Time. It has been outdated for many years and no longer serves any useful purpose. Please talk to your constituents and I’m certain you will find that virtually no one wants or needs it.

More importantly, just this past winter at least a dozen children were killed as a direct result of DST. It is so dark in the early morning hours that children can not be seen as they run to meet the school bus or just cross the street to walk home. What a nightmare for the parents of those poor little ones, and what a horror for the driver that couldn’t see the child.

You have it in your power to stop this madness before any more innocent lives are lost because of outdated and unnecessary legislation.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie Blanchard

Carson City


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