Nevada Treasurer's office returns record $44 million in unclaimed property to owners

The Nevada Treasurer's Office returned nearly $44 million in unclaimed property to Nevadans in fiscal 2019.

A spokesman said that is $3.8 million more than the previous fiscal year and a record for single year individual payouts.

While the average amount was about $1,500, the largest single payout to an individual was $928,000.

Unclaimed property is collected by the treasurer's office from sources including bank accounts, court settlements, life insurance, safe deposit boxes, uncashed checks, utility deposits and stocks. All such property is held in perpetuity by the office and used to help fund programs benefitting the state such as the Millennium Scholarships.

Treasurer Zach Conine suggested that both businesses and individuals visit the treasurer's website to see if they have property that they can claim. The office is at


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