Letters to the Editor for March 20, 2019

Truism of faith

I am a registered Democrat. However, I do not agree on all the issues that Democrats stand for. The big issue is their universal health care for all. Sounds all warm and fuzzy. But dig deeper. A vet who is seeking health care waits for an appointment that is six months out. Some die before being seen. The system is overwhelmed and people return to the emergency room for immediate care. No one can be denied.

In Oregon, they have assisted suicide.

A woman who was ill went to a doctor to receive health care and get well. Instead, it was more cost effective to “put her down.” It all started with evolution (science), Darwin, atheism, big brother and now socialized medicine for all members of a class or group population administered by state/government agencies.

I’m not a socialist. I do not promote to or promote socialism contributing to a political party that advocates socialism.

Does the collective large group become broken down further, such as race, age, sex? Where does God fit into all this? My Lord is in control of my life and death, not some appointed man or agency.

Appointed by who? Appointed by who? Amen (so be it).

No on collective or governmental “ownership.”

Krista Cook

Carson City


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