Letters to the Editor for May 22, 2019

Farmer column, Wall Street Journal article publication a happy coincidence?

Timing is everything. Guy Farmer’s April 4 Appeal column proclaiming that a second Trump term would “...make us centrist independent voters unhappy” came out the same day as the Wall Street Journal’s headline, “Jobless rate hits a 50-year low.” The article pointed to solid earnings improvements with average wages that exceeded commodity price increases and that women and minority workers, in particular, have benefited from the Trump economy.

Farmer claims that President Trump thrives on chaos. Sure, anyone who was rocking to Average White Band during the Gerald Ford/Jimmy Carter malaise might mistake a thriving economy for chaos. Farmer used many of his 2008 Appeal articles to campaign for “the most left wing president in our lifetime with his veep happily in tow” to quote the Wall Street Journal. Together, Obama and Biden “imposed an unprecedented array of regulations on every sector of the economy,” treating “the unharnessed capitalism” that gave us Saturday’s headline as “a zero-sum abstraction.”

Trump recovered our overseas hostages without shipping dictators pallets of cash. He put real sanctions on Russia and Iran, armed Ukraine and made more progress denuclearizing North Korea than any of his predecessors.

I suspect most independent centrist voters will set aside their concerns about Trump’s Twitter feed and his habit of hitting back at his attackers and base their vote on Trump’s promises delivered: a stronger and more prosperous America.

Lynn Muzzy


South Carson Street project demonstrates gaps in planning

Re: the article “Coming to Pass,” the locations for the right turn lanes on South Carson Street show some obvious omissions. Northbound: Colorado, Sonoma and Koontz. Southbound: Moses and Koontz. Why? And, by the way, has the developer of the Cochise Street multi-family project been asked to pay for the right turn lane at Appion? If not, why not? That piece of the South Carson project directly benefits them financially.

Maxine Hauser Nietz

Carson City

Why reduce streets as area’s population grows?

I can’t help but express my opinion about what I understand are the plans to reduce Carson Street to one lane each direction from Fifth Street south to the U.S. 50 and I-580 intersection. Why would any city reduce streets or roads at a time when traffic is increasing? Carson City’s population is growing. New businesses are still developing, e.g. the new car dealership. Will that create less traffic? Of course not. Come on, planning commission, think this proposed plan out more completely and logically.

Constructing sidewalks, flower posts, flowering trees in each island would be much better and much less expensive, I should think, and it would blend with the downtown improvements as well. Why not make the south end of Carson City look more like the north end of our town?

Wendell Newman

Carson City

Rule of law erodes if vote count dominates

Unfortunately for us, Democrats behave every bit as badly as Donald Trump, but they have not been called to account. They have been and continue to be his enablers. When it comes to whether to impeach the Donald or not, if the facts on the ground say impeach, then you do it. If not, shut up. If, like Waffling Nancy Pelosi, you let vote count rule your action, then you erode our principle of rule by law every bit as much as our president does with his antics in the White House. Our left-leaning broadcast media do us no favors by letting her get away with this.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

Newspaper’s e-cigarette ads are irresponsible toward public

It is irresponsible for the Appeal to publish ads for Juul e-cigarettes. This is a nicotine delivery product just as conventional tobacco products and has demonstrable negative health impacts. If the Appeal continues to promote such questionable products through advertising, it will be the last straw for us to continue our 43-year subscription to the Appeal. Shame!

Jon Nowlin

Carson City


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