Jim Valentine: Real estate perspective musings

We’ve said many times in this space that real estate is as much about the reality of the people as it is the real property. The people bring emotion and perspective to the show whereas the real estate is static, it is what it is. People, however, can make it be something greater or lesser than it actually is, especially when measured against their wants and needs.

Buyers in a dynamic market must work on their perspective almost daily. It is important to understand that the efforts involved in searching, viewing, analyzing, and buying the right property when there is competition is well worth it for you and your family. When you find the right property everything just sort of fits. When you can’t buy it what do you do? Those are the moments when your agent can help you most with perspective. There is an old saying, “When one door closes another one opens.”

We have seen this prove true in so many seemingly impossible situations that it can almost be considered a Law of Nature in our opinion.

It’s about the “perfect” house that got away only to be replaced by a “more perfect” one. The world has not come to an end if you don’t get the property that you wanted so badly, you are destined to get another better one. Once in awhile the original property comes back on the market and you are able to realize your original dream. Don’t fret if you miss one, or your investigations result in having to cancel the transaction, the right property for you is on its way. Trust in this and continue with the process that brought that home to you.

If a buyer makes a “lowball” offer don’t be insulted. It only means they like your house and are trying to make a good buy. How realistic are you in your price? Maybe they are making a true market value offer and took the risk of insulting you to help you with your perspective. Is there a quirk or two about your property that is keeping people from offering full price? Look at your home through a buyer’s eyes and be honest with yourself. It isn’t about what proceeds you want from the property, it’s about what it is worth in the current market. Sometimes offers are so far apart that one questions why they wrote it but with some objective consideration, seller introspection, and agent input you may be able to find a way to put it together.

It doesn’t mean that you “give it away,” nobody wants to do that, but maybe there are enough benefits in the offering that allow you to realize your wants and needs to move on with your life after the sale. Keep a bigger perspective than just price, what is the total impact of the offer on you and your family?

Some things are worth more than money and maybe that seemingly ridiculous offer is a treasure for you to consider.

There are so many components to a residential real estate transaction that we highly suggest you don’t play “gotcha” real estate. That’s where you put hooks in the offer to gig the other party, and you work for advantage at every opportunity to make sure you get a little more, and a little more, and a little more. There are many things that can change and work against you if you have a gotcha attitude. It is so much more pleasurable and rewarding to work together toward the close of escrow. When things come up they are resolved amicably for the benefit of all. You will get so much more this way than trying to hustle a buck here and there.

Perspectives change throughout the process. Be clear in your wants and needs and as your reality is adjusted your wants and needs vision will guide you. That will keep your natural emotion in check so you can continue to make the right transaction on the right property at the right time.

Life is about timing and opportunity. Be clear in what you want and you will find and enjoy it.

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