Stories for March 2020


Tuesday, March 31

Make moves to improve financial future, money expert says

To say the coronavirus sweeping the nation has led to financial uncertainty is a bit like saying Lake Tahoe is kinda deep. Just as Lake Tahoe could entirely swallow the Empire State Building (with plenty of room to spare), the freefalling financial markets have swallowed trillions of dollars of shareholder equity. Despite the troubled financial outlook, it’s not time to hunker down and wait for the wave to pass, says a noted money expert with deep roots in Northern Nevada.

February jobless numbers steady compared to January and 2019

From January through February, the percentage of Nevadans out of work held steady both in the seasonally adjusted and non-adjusted rates. Seasonally adjusted joblessness was 3.6 percent and non-adjusted stood at 3.8 percent statewide. Both those percentages are down from the adjusted 4.1 percent unemployment a year ago and 4.2 percent non-adjusted rate in February 2019.

Breaking down the $2.2 trillion federal stimulus bill (Voices)

From the IEDC: At over $2 trillion, there is simply nothing in our past to compare it to as we move further into uncharted territory.


Go to to learn more about the International Economic Development Council.

Despite optimism in Reno-Sparks' long-term economic health, large-scale development delays possible

Across Northern Nevada, industries that can are soldiering on — but the months ahead are fraught with great uncertainty as the endgame of the coronavirus remains to be seen.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

On March 18, crews started work on a stormwater pollution protection plan between Court Street and Island Avenue in downtown Reno, where CAI Investments is panning a high-rise, non-gaming boutique hotel. The construction industry was exempted from Gov. Steve Sisolak’s order this month to shut down all nonessential businesses, so long as companies follow strict social distancing and sanitizing guidelines.

‘Entering this phase of force majeure:' As businesses shut down, contractors are caught in the middle

Rogelio Garcia, a Reno real estate agent, says he's less worried about closing deals already in the pipeline (since the real estate industry usually plans three months out). He is more concerned, however, about generating new business, considering prospective sellers are starting to hold back listings.

Photo: Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

An empty beverage container as seen on the Las Vegas Strip after gaming operations were ordered closed by Gov. Steve Sisolak on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

What you need to know about Nevada's eviction moratorium

The announcement of Nevada's eviction pause has created a lot of questions for landlords, lenders, tenants and borrowers alike.

Michael Bosma: COVID-19 pandemic will not derail our economy (Voices)

"This is a moment that entrepreneurs need to take a breath and really search your soul for truth ... Do not fall into the trap that the easy access to cash is the panacea that will make your world better," writes Michael Bosma.

$87 million Virginia Street project accelerated due to COVID closures

“This is great news for all Midtown businesses ... we support their plan to expedite the project,” Rum Sugar Lime business owner Larry DeVincenzi said.

Courtesy RTC

An updated look at the current accelerated construction plan for the $87 million Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project, which is designed to improve safety and provide better access, enhanced transit service and improved mobility for everyone.

Monday, March 30

Senator launches online portal for small Nevada businesses to get help

Sen. Jacky Rosen, D-Nv., on Monday launched an online portal designed to help small Nevada businesses navigate the newly-approved federal assistance programs. “Thousands of Nevada’s small businesses and their hard-working employees are struggling as a result of the uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed,” she said.

Nevada Interrupted: Open just four months before pandemic hit, Reno's Coffee N' Comics wants to be part of the solution

“We just opened four months ago. We're not Apple. We don't have $500 billion in cash that we're sitting on. We're just two guys who have a coffee shop. And, unfortunately, at UNR they didn't have a class in the business section that said how to open a store during a pandemic.”

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Coffee N' Comics owner, Alex Farside carries and order out to an Uber Eats driver on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Reno, Nev.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Coffee N' Comics owner, Alex Farside carries and order out to an, Daryl Hayne, an Uber Eats driver on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Reno, Nev.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Coffee N' Comics owner Alex Farside poses for a portrait in front of his shop on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Reno.

Protecting your interests after selling your business (Voices)

"An improperly structured transaction can create problems for the seller years after they have sold the business."

DJ Trivia Nevada boosting business for restaurants, bars in Reno-Carson area

Since kicking off in April 2013, DJ Trivia Nevada has bloomed into a successful company with 13 part-time trivia hosts who put on 23 trivia nights a week at local businesses in Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Fallon.

Western Nevada Development District OKs grace period on business micro-loans

The district provides short- and long-term, fixed-rate, low-interest loans to qualified borrowers interested in the creation of new small businesses or the expansion or retention of existing small businesses.

Nevada Legal Services offering free jobless legal assistance

"Our mandate from Congress requires us to assist during times of crisis and natural disasters and we are uniquely situated to help anyone who is having difficulty navigating these government programs for the first time.”

Sisolak announces statewide moratorium on residential, commercial evictions during COVID-19 crisis

Sunday's announcement came after a coalition of legal aid providers and other advocacy groups called on elected officials to issue a statewide moratorium on evictions.

Photo: Rachel Aston / Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses measures to help the public with housing stability amid the COVID-19 public health crisis at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas, Sunday, March 29, 2020.

Sunday, March 29

Nevada's ‘piecemeal' approach to evictions during pandemic worries tenants, landlords

Chris Bishop, president of the Nevada Association of REALTORS, emphasized the success or failure of the housing market relies on tenants and landlords alike in what he called a “symbiotic” relationship.

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

A view of the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center in Las Vegas on Nov. 13, 2019.

Nevada Interrupted: Sparks distillery transitions from making hard liquor to hand sanitizer amid shutdown

Since Tom Adams founded Seven Troughs Distillery in 2012, he said the restaurant, bar and distillery has had its ups and downs, but experienced a steep downturn as COVID-19 reached Nevada.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Nick Bietz, the assistant distiller at Seven Troughs Distilling Co. in Sparks, is seen on March 19. Seven Troughs has started making high-proof alcohol for use in hand sanitizer.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Nick Bietz, the assistant distiller at Seven Troughs Distilling Co. in Sparks, Nev. on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Seven Troughs has started making high-proof alcohol for use in hand sanitizer. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent)

Regulators: Many Nevada construction work sites ‘visibly' not following social distancing rules

Regulators in Nevada have conducted “intermittent” surveys of active construction sites over the last few days and that at many work sites, “it is visibly obvious that employees are still being directed/allowed to work in close proximity (less than 6 feet of separation) to other staff.”

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, as seen on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020.

COVID-19 impacts: Filing for unemployment and feeling discouraged

“We were calling and nothing. I was calling the unemployment offices, too, and they just have you on there forever and ever. It just rings and rings. And other times, you call and it sounds like they just hang up.”

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

Thai Corner Café in downtown Reno “made a difficult decision to close our restaurant until further notice,” restaurant owners said.

Jim Valentine: These times of honesty and integrity

As we find ourselves in times of trouble we must all pull together to improvise, adapt and overcome our unseen oppressor. We are fortunate in Northern Nevada to have less opportunity to catch the coronavirus than do other regions of the globe, but we still must act appropriately so those viral cells that do find their way here don’t wreck havoc on our populous.

Saturday, March 28

Nevada car dealers can stay open during COVID-19 pandemic

The decision is important to Carson City since auto dealer sales are by far the capital's largest sales tax generator, accounting for about a quarter of each month's total revenue.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

John Bullis: Credit card rewards: Taxable income or not?

There are many credit cards around that will pay you rewards in cash, airline miles and other items. The question is “are the rewards taxable income?” The answer is “Yes” if the items charged that give the rewards are business expenses. That is just like a reduction in the cost of the item (expense).

Nevada car dealers can stay open during pandemic

The governor’s COVID-19 response team says car dealerships are allowed to remain open for business during the virus pandemic. “Car sales may continue, but we expect car dealerships to use delivery when possible, to use contactless payment when possible and that dealerships follow the aggressive social distancing protocols for patrons and outlined in the governor's directive and accompanying regulation,” said Nevada Health Response spokeswoman Meghin Delaney.

Friday, March 27

UPDATE: NV expanding jobless claims system after 1,350 percent spike in filings

The state recorded 93,036 new weekly unemployment claims during the week ending March 21, an increase of roughly 1,300 percent, putting an overwhelming strain on Nevada's online filing system.

Tesla to temporarily cut 75 percent of gigafactory staff amid COVID pandemic

In a March 27 statement, Storey County Manager Austin Osborne said Tesla announced it will reduce on-site staff “by about 75 percent in the coming days.”

Nevada officials try to expand unemployment insurance system

With its online claims filing system rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the number of people seeking benefits, the Employment Security Division is moving to expand that system. “We understand the frustration many are feeling and we hear you,” said DETR Director Tiffany Tyler-Garner. “We are actively monitoring our systems and researching ways to expand our system and staffing levels to meet a monumental need for unemployment insurance support.”

Tesla cutting back staffing at gigafactory, Storey County official says

Storey County Manager Austin Osborne says Tesla has decided to cut back its operations at the gigafactory east of Reno. The announcement comes a week after Panasonic, Tesla’s partner at the battery factory, announced it was shutting down operations there because of the coronavirus.

‘This is a new reality': Small business support needed now more than ever

“A lot of companies are worried about 401(k) plans, a lot of employees are worried about what's happening to their retirement funds. The list is endless, as we've never faced anything like this," says Ann Silver of the Reno+Sparks Chamber.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

A sign outside Arch of Reno Wedding Chapel in downtown Reno — which is one of hundreds of members of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce — lets prospective patrons know that the business of issuing licenses and performing weddings is not essential at this time.

EDAWN, NNDA confident economy will bounce back despite COVID crisis

“This is one of the many hiccups we will see. We don't know how significant it will be, but I am confident the economy in Northern Nevada is strong and we will come out of this in some period of time and be back to something close to normal before we know it.”

February gambling win in Nevada tops $1 billion – but steep drop-off likely

In Nevada, gambling win topped $1 billion for the third consecutive month in February. While that's good news for now, casino win totals for March — likely to tumble to drastic levels — won't be known for at least a few weeks.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

Siri's Casino in downtown Reno — seen here shuttered on March 21 — is among hundreds of Nevada casinos that impacted solid casino win totals in February.

Winnemucca Main Street establishes board of directors

The Winnemucca Main Street program was established last year and began in the “Exploring” phase of the national Main Street America program and is now at the “Affiliate” level.

Photo: Ashley Maden

From left, the newly established Winnemucca Main Street board of directors — Wendy Raynor, Claire Buchanan, Brad Borowski, Naomi Leahy, Abel Del Real-Nava and Lily Hangere — held their first board meeting on March 11.

Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Truckee Meadows Water Authority's Lydia Peri

"As far as economic development, we must find a way to recycle the resources, which will open up more doors to technology-based companies relocating here," says Lydia Peri, Emerging Resources Program Administrator at Truckee Meadows Water Authority.

‘It’s been a ghost town’: Businesses in Virginia City fight to stay afloat

VIRGINIA CITY — Mandy Manyose’s phone kept ringing. It was the evening of Tuesday, March 17, minutes after Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all of Nevada’s nonessential businesses — everything from restaurants to gyms to casinos — to close for 30 days to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Manyose owns The Roasting House, a coffeehouse/restaurant in the historic town of Virginia City, located 20 miles southeast of Reno.

Thursday, March 26

Strong Northern Nevada markets drive February gaming win

February gaming win topped $1 billion for the third consecutive month, posting a 3.1 percent increase compared to February 2019. And the reason was almost entirely because of strong performance in the smaller, Northern Nevada markets.

Reno-Sparks business leaders offer advice on how to face COVID-19 challenges

"It's OK to not have all the answers. As business leaders, we think we have to have all the answers. But, because these are uncharted territories, it's OK if you don't know the answer.”

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

Sierra Tap House in downtown Reno is seen March 21, boarded up and closed until further notice. It’s one of many nonessential businesses mandated to close for 30 days amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

City of Reno finance director: Big drop in revenue coming

According to the city, the estimated drop would leave a roughly $6.5 million hole in the current budget, by way of an 8.9 percent drop in C-Tax revenue, The Nevada Independent reports.

Courtesy city of Reno

This slide from the city's COVID-19 revenue report projects a potential 8.9 percent drop in C-Tax revenue — nearly $6.5 million by summer.

Sisolak's casino closure may be first in Nevada's 89-year history of legal gambling

Nevada Gov. Grant Sawyer issued a letter on Nov. 23, 1963, asking casinos to close for half a day on Nov. 25, the day of President John F. Kennedy's funeral. But it wasn't an order.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan

The Silver Legacy Resort casino is seen closed the afternoon of Saturday, March 21, in downtown Reno. The casino is among hundreds in the state that have been fully closed since the governor's original order on March 17.

Money expert: Make moves now to improve finances amid COVID pandemic

Amid these uncertain times, protecting capital while resetting and repositioning your financial foundation should be the first priority, says Loral Langemeier.

'It's been a ghost town': Businesses in Virginia City fight to stay afloat

Virginia City's small businesses, the majority of which fall in the “nonessential” category, rely heavily on a steady stream of tourists to keep the lights on.

Bargain hunting during ‘maximum pessimism' (Voices)

The doctors right now are focusing on probabilities, not possibilities. Investors should do the same, writes Incline Village financial advisor David Vomund.

Wednesday, March 25

Sisolak’s casino closure may be unique in Nevada history

Gov. Steve Sisolak’s order this month that all casinos in the state shut down because of the coronavirus raised the question whether casinos were all closed at any time in the past. But after some research by Kile Porter, custodian of records for the Gaming Control Board, and Professor Michael Green at UNLV, Sisolak’s order appears to be the only time since gambling was legalized by the 1931 Legislature that all gambling houses were ordered closed.

In Lovelock, businesses are closing – begrudgingly – amid the COVID pandemic

“Closed until April 16, 2020 or until our deranged Governor comes to his senses and quits hurting small businesses," according to a sign taped to the window of the temporarily closed Lovelock Chevron Casino.

Photo: Debra Reid

A sign taped the doors at the temporarily closed Lovelock Chevron Casino in late March protests Gov. Steve Sisolak’s closure order.

Survey: 69% of Nevadans feel local retailers doing good job handling COVID pandemic

According to the Retail Association of Nevada's new survey, 69% of those polled feel local retailers have handled the outbreak “very well” or “well,” while 9 percent said “poorly” or “very poorly.”

Courtesy Retail Association of Nevada

This graph from the Retail Association of Nevada shows answers to the following question: "On a scale of 1 to 9, how difficult has it been to find the products you need at local stores, with 1 being not difficult and 9 being very difficult?"

Carson City business owners consider options, futures during coronavirus shutdown

Cindi Miller started the new year off starting a new business. She opened Pure Platinum Salon and Spa in the heart of downtown, on the southeast corner of 5th and Carson streets. Before she knew it she had five hair stylists and one manicurist renting space and the business was busy. “I felt so blessed to have the salon fill up,” said Miller.

COVID-19 legal insights for hospitality, entertainment industries (Voices)

VOICES: In the wake of coronavirus fears impacting many consumers' vacation planning, companies in the hospitality industry should not be tempted to downplay or conceal any risks around coronavirus exposure. Doing so could open the door for lawsuits.

Note from the publisher: Newspapers, media are essential business

During this health crisis, and as a part of our commitment to this community, we are providing free access to our digital news content, writes NNBW Publisher Peter Bernhard.

Nevada Interrupted: Reno auto shop adjusts during a time of uncertainty

To break even and keep their doors open, CoAuto in Reno depends on working on at least 50 cars a week. Shop co-owner Vinnie Lucido told The Nevada Independent that due to recent COVID-related cancelations, he has had to let go of three employees out of a team of 10.

Photo: Joey Lovato

Vinnie Lucido, co-owner of CoAuto, speaks during an interview with The Nevada Independent inside the auto shop at 2155 Dickerson Road in Reno.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

CoAuto employee, Ryan Ostler, cleans a customers car with disinfectant wipes on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Reno, Nev. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent)

Sisolak prohibits indoor, outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people

Per the governor, if Nevadans refuse to comply with the directive, local law enforcement agencies have been authorized to issue civil or criminal penalties against them.

Tesla opens Northern Nevada's first service center in South Reno

The opening of the center means Tesla customers no longer need to travel to Sacramento for vehicle maintenance, such as software diagnostics and adjustments.

Tuesday, March 24

As working poor population grows in Reno-Sparks, Catholic Charities focusing on 'social entrepreneurship'

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada is doubling down its efforts to help the region's poverty-stricken — the nonprofit was one of 18 organizations in the country recently selected to participate in the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship's 2020 Global Social Benefit Institute Pathways Out of Poverty accelerator program.

Nevada Interrupted: Reno gym owner hopes to keep momentum amid closures

“I want to set an example for the community, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling scared or confused,” Allie Salas, owner of Allie Salas Fitness, told The Nevada Independent.

Photo: Joey Lovato

Alejandra Salas, owner of Reno Aspire Fitness, is interviewed inside her gym on March 19, 2020.

Michael Bosma: Don't fret, businesses – options are available amid COVID crisis

Displaced employees have the ability to get subsidized healthcare through Nevada Health Link — this is especially important for business owners, since their income will be significantly reduced due to the business being shuttered.

Nevada treasurer: most homeowners protected from foreclosure, eviction

Nevada Treasurer Zach Conine says he is also hopeful that landlords will give their tenants flexibility to delay rent payments if they are furloughed or laid off because of the virus emergency.

The Medicare Store opens first Reno location

Since launching in Southern Nevada eight years ago, The Medicare Store has “helped insure over 10,000 Nevadans," says President/CEO Calvin Bagley.

People: Lucas Gonzalez named shareholder at Casey Neilon, Inc.

Gonzale, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Nevada, Reno, began his accounting career at Casey Neilon 2013.

Monday, March 23

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

The Little Nugget — home to the World Famous Awful Awful — is seen closed the afternoon of March 21, 2020.

PHOTO STORY: A Saturday stroll through downtown Reno amid COVID closures

I took a walk through downtown Reno on a sunny spring Saturday afternoon with an iPhone in hand. Normally, the city would be teeming with gamblers, craft beer enthusiasts, tourists and March Madness watchers. Instead, here's what I saw.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

The view looking north in downtown Reno early Saturday afternoon, March 21, near the Eldorado Resort on Sierra Street.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

Wild River Grille in downtown Reno, seen here March 21, was closed for several due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

The Eldorado Casino in downtown Reno has been closed since March 18, like all casinos across the Silver State.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

Derby Supply Company, a specialty barber in downtown Reno, is seen closed on March 21. The business would be able to open as soon as this Saturday, May 9, under restrictions set forth by Gov. Sisolak today.

Virus takes toll on Nevada newspapers, online visits soar

RENO — The virus outbreak is taking its toll on media in Nevada, with closures of rural weekly and alternative urban weekly publications and curtailment of sections published in the state's largest metropolitan daily. But it also has prompted a surge in visits to newspaper web sites where the normal pay walls have been dropped as readers clamor for the latest updates on the spread of the pandemic and its affects on their daily lives.

Initial claims for Nevada unemployment triple

Initial claims for unemployment benefits tripled in the week ending March 14 compared to the previous week. The research team at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation said initial claims rose from 2,309 to 6,356 as businesses across the state began to close down and tourism visitation fell because of the coronavirus.

Nevada Interrupted: How businesses, workers are adapting to pandemic's realities

Chuck Shapiro, owner of Wild River Grille in downtown Reno, says he is most worried about his staff and what they will do without a source of income during the temporary closure.

Photo: Wild River Grille

Wild River Grille owner Chuck Shapiro poses for a portrait on Feb. 28, 2018 inside his dining room in downtown Reno.

What NV unemployment insurance can – and can't – do to ease coming wave of joblessness

On Saturday, state officials announced the second week of March brought nearly three times the number of initial unemployment claims as the first week — the largest week-over-week jump since 1987.

Photo: (David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

In Downtown Reno, an Eldorado Resort Casino employee posts a sign on the door announcing that they will be temporarily suspending operations minutes before midnight on Tuesday night, March 17, 2020, following an executive order from the Governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevada businesses eligible for $2 million low-interest SBA loans

"Disaster loans can provide vital economic assistance to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing," says SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza.

Northern NV consumers urged to shop responsibly at local grocery stores

“Our supply chain is secure, our grocery stores and pharmacies will stay open, and what they need from you now more than ever is to give them room to do what they do best — provide food and medicine for the communities they serve," says Bryan Wachter of the Nevada Retail Association.

Voices: Please help us flatten the curve

"We want to assure you that this statewide closure of non-essential businesses is very helpful as we look to manage exposures in a proactive manner," writes CEO Tony Slonim and other Renown leadership.

Courtesy Renown Health

Dr. Anthony Slonim

People: Christine Hess hired to lead Nevada Housing Coalition

Founded in 2019, the Nevada Housing Coalition's mission is to create sustainable solutions through community awareness, capacity building and advocacy.

Sunday, March 22

Jim Valentine: Real estate in pandemic times

While we cautioned about a virus impacting the market in our article at the end of February, little did we know how quickly and thoroughly it could become a reality and actually decimate financial confidences. We’ve all now seen it occur and the resulting changes to many industries necessitated in the interest of public safety. Most people are adapting well and continuing with “business as unusual”. Changes are occurring through mandates and common sense in our everyday world. That includes the real estate industry.

Saturday, March 21

Consumers urged to shop local grocery stores

A senior vice president of the Retail Association of Nevada is urging the state’s consumers to support their local grocery stores and pharmacy retailers during the COVID-9 virus restrictions. "If you can stay home, if you can be flexible, that is what our grocery and pharmacy retailers need right now," said Bryan Wachter, senior vice president of government and public affairs. "Our supply chain is secure, our grocery stores and pharmacies will stay open, and what they need from you now more than ever is to give them room to do what they do best, provide food and medicine for the communities they serve."

Reno businesses deal with creative solutions, voluntary closures, unemployment

From KUNR: "We needed to do something because we were tired of waiting for someone to make that decision," said Joel Stewart said, co-owner of Pangolin Cafe, a 5-month-old business in Midtown.

COVID-19 business closures: Becoming unemployed in just hours

From KUNR: “I've never had to apply for unemployment. I honestly didn't even know how. I texted my mom and I was like, ‘where do I even go?'"

Photo: Kaleb M. Roedel

A row of businesses at McQueen Crossings S.C. sits closed the afternoon of March 18 — save for Wells Fargo, as banks are considered “essential” businesses.

Carson business closures: 'I just wait to see what we're told we can and can't do'

In Carson City, like most Nevada communities, some restaurants that offer delivery and pickup are still managing to survive — while other businesses have been forced to temporarily close.

Photo: Carter Eckl / Nevada Appeal

A closed sign hangs on the front door of Kaleidoscope in downtown Carson City on Friday.

616,000 out of work across America's casinos; 206,000 in Nevada

According to the American Gaming Association, if all casinos were to remain closed for eight weeks, the U.S. economy will lose $43.5 billion in economic activity.

Not all IRS penalties are valid

A 2019 U.S. Tax Court decision showed IRS sometimes charges penalties that are not valid and can be cancelled. Gwendolyn Kestin timely filed her 2014 Individual Income Tax Return showing tax due and she paid it. Later, she filed an Amended return claiming what she received was not “wages” and the tax was not owed and should be refunded.

Carson City businesses adjusting to new safety standards for service

Carson City businesses have felt the impact of COVID-19 and the governor’s orders for non-essential businesses to close to help slow the pandemic. Some restaurants, such as Pizza Factory, that offer delivery and pickup are still managing to survive while other businesses have been forced to temporarily close their doors until further directions are given. Darren Maxfield, owner of Pizza Factory, said the first few days have been positive for his company, despite having to close the dine-in portion of the restaurant

Friday, March 20

Panasonic shutting down at TRIC, Tesla continuing to operate

A spokesman for Panasonic announced Friday the factory in Nevada, “will begin ramping down operations early next week and will then close for 14 days.” Jerry Rizzo said the decision was made to safeguard the health and well-being of employees. Panasonic shares the gigafactory at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex with Tesla.

NNBW Editor Column: COVID-19 sacrifices – for better or worse

From the editor: For the last year, we've been planning our wedding, scheduled for May 30, 2020, in downtown Reno. But, an increasingly likely scenario is we must consider postponing due to situations beyond our control. And you know what? That's totally fine. Because this isn't about us. Now, more than ever, is not a time to be selfish.

‘We hope this ends quickly': Northern Nevada businesses face uncertain future

"We have seen about $450,000 worth of catering cancellations, so it has been a significant amount. Everybody's canceling for obvious reasons," says Colin Smith, owner of Roundabout Grill.

Photo: Kaleb M. Roedel / NNBW

The Ross Stores location at Ridgeview Plaza in Northwest Reno closed the afternoon of March 18, a day after Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all nonessential businesses to shut down for 30 days due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sisolak orders all non-essential businesses to close, warns of criminal penalties

Sisolak's latest order allows local law enforcement agencies to impose criminal penalties on businesses that continue to remain open, after all other remedies have been exhausted.

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak speaks during a March news conference.

Virtual COVID-19 'Forces from the Front Line' forum set for March 23

Moderated by Karyn Jensen, founder and president of HRC, Ltd., panelists include Mike Bosma, principal of CliftonLarsonAllen; Dora Lane, partner at Holland & Hart, LLP; and Meagan Noin, president of MN|G Partners.

Northern NV businesses partner with United Way to launch emergency fund

The NV Energy Foundation, Microsoft Reno and Bank of America partnered as key funders to get the effort rolling, and Plumas Bank has set up an account free of bank charges.

Photo: Kevin MacMillan / NNBW

Reno-area businesses are partnering with the United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra to launch the UWNNS Emergency Assistance Fund in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gaming association says 616,000 out of work in nation’s casinos

The American Gaming Association says the coronavirus has put an estimated 616,000 gaming employees out of work nationwide. AGA President Bill Miller said that 95 percent of the country’s 465 commercial casinos and 76 percent of the 524 tribal casinos have been shut down to slow the spread of the virus.

Community Foundation announces COVID-19 Relief Fund

The “COVID-19 Relief Fund” will distribute grants to individuals, businesses, governmental services and charitable nonprofits, says Community Foundation CEO Chris Askin.

NV Energy donated $3.5 million to nonprofits in 2019; 81 in Northern Nevada

According to a March 5 press release, the NV Energy Foundation — which is funded by NV Energy, not its customers — impacted 153 nonprofit organizations through donations of nearly $3.5 million in 2019.

People: Zachary S. Shea hired at Parsons Behle & Latimer

The Northern Nevada native recently joined the law firm's Litigation, Trials and Appeals department after practicing in Los Angeles for the past several years.

Baltimore cybersecurity company expanding to Reno; plans to create 100 jobs

Think Stack plans to create between 75 and 100 jobs in Reno over the next five years, with salaries ranging from $45,000 to $150,000, CEO Chris Sachse told us in early March.

‘We're staring off the edge of the cliff': Artists, event professionals fear financial ruin amid pandemic

Nevada's arts and culture sector represents 4.7 percent of the state's gross domestic product, generating $7 billion annually. By comparison, mining generates $3.3 billion.


Sarah OÕConnell, owner of a small business production company in Las Vegas, has lost business since the coronavirus outbreak. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

Rong Shao, a Pagoda contortionist, performs at the Circus Circus Midway on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, in Las Vegas.

With business closures across Nevada, governments prepare to take a revenue hit

The question is not whether there will be a drop in revenue, but by how much. “That's the million-dollar question,” says Jeff Cronk, chief financial officer for city of Sparks.

Photo: Kurt Hildebrand

The Genoa Bar, affectionately known as Nevada's oldest thirst parlor due to it being established way back in 1853, sits closed at 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 16, for the first time in memory.

Thursday, March 19

Tahoe tourism industry facing 'devastating and unprecedented' impacts

“This is something I thought I'd never have to say throughout my tourism career, but please stay home at this time,” says LTVA President Carol Chaplin.

Photo: Bill Rozak / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Harrah's and Harvey's casinos in Stateline, Nevada, are closed, as seen Wednesday.

Nevada approved for Small Business Administration disaster loans

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced Thursday that Nevada has been approved for Small Business Administration loans to small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. Those low-interest, federal loans will be available in all 17 of Nevada’s counties as well as neighboring counties in California, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Utah.

Carson City Health and Human Services releases guidelines for restaurants

Employees Verify employees are healthy when arriving at work. Sick employees are advised to stay home and not return to work until they are free of fever for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication. Employees who appear to be ill upon arrival to work, or become sick during the day, should be sent home immediately.

Nevada outlines restrictions for mining, construction, manufacturing businesses

According to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, "since these industries cannot do their work remotely, and do not generally operate in groups or deal with the public in large numbers, like a bar or a restaurant, they are provided this additional guidance as they continue to meet the needs of their customers and the community."

Nevada waives some rules for jobless benefits

Gov. Steve Sisolak has issued an order waiving the seven-day waiting period before unemployment benefits start along with the requirement that those receiving checks look for suitable work. He instructed the head of the Employment Security Division that suitable work is not currently available for those people temporarily laid off because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mustang Ranch brothel shuts down for now

Storey County issued a declaration Wednesday, saying all businesses in the county could continue to operate without closing, despite Gov. Steve Sisolak's orders Tuesday that non-essential businesses close.

Nevada waiving some rules for jobless benefits; online filing encouraged

Tiffany Tyler-Garner, director of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation in Nevada, said the department has been preparing for an increase in claims.

Coronavirus adds new complications for Nevada's homeless and those trying to help them

The homeless shelter in Reno has responded to the pandemic by temporarily ceasing street outreach and is monitoring residents for signs of illness, per The Nevada Independent.

Photo: Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen, right, and director of development Sara Meyer talk inside the emergency shelter during a tour of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas on Monday, July 1, 2019. (Daniel Clark/The Nevada Independent)

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

Sleeping mats as seen at the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019.

Photo: David Calvert / Nevada Independent)

Reno Police Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program officer Chris Carter, center inside St. Vincent's Dining Hall in Downtown Reno before leaving to conduct the annual Point in Time Count on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020.

NV Energy expanding special assistance program due to COVID-19 impacts

The program offers to help with energy bills for people with income limitations or other unusual circumstances — including those impacted by the virus because of layoffs or who are unable to pay because they are self-isolated.

Douglas sheriff upping patrols to protect business during closures

“Conducting business checks and visibly increasing patrol presence is our first frontline effort to providing overall safety for businesses during this difficult time.

Wednesday, March 18

City of Reno: Businesses that don't close could face fines, suspensions

"The City of Reno has no desire to take enforcement action on businesses. However ... the City can enforce the Governor's order through multiple actions, which include, but are not limited to: • citations up to $1,000 per day • misdemeanor citations • summary suspension of a business license • revocation of a business license

Sisolak issues guidance on 'non-essential' business shutdown amid confusion

On Wednesday afternoon, Sisolak's office released a five-page “Risk Mitigation Initiative” giving more details on the statewide shutdown, including what constitutes an essential and nonessential business.

Carson City store managers say stock is being updated

Carson City grocery stores are working with suppliers to keep store shelves stocked. Uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has caused a run on stores as people stock up for the long haul. Carson City shoppers have reported empty meat counters at some stores and a dearth of items such as toilet paper.

Update: Governor's office releases more information on essential and non-essential businesses

Bryan Wachter of the Retail Association of Nevada says they, like members of the media and others, are still trying to figure out exactly what the definitions of essential and non-essential businesses are.

Farm Bureau: Agriculture, farming industries could face serious labor shortage

AFBF President Zippy Duvall says labor, supply chain issues and possible price manipulation top the list of immediate issues farmers are raising with the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Nevada News Group

Nevada News Group

Reno startup Peep No More eyes $1 million in revenue by end of 2020

Peep No More, which manufactures its products in Reno, was introduced to the public in Reno at the National Bowling Stadium in early 2015. Owned by Carson City native Joey Mares, the company To that end, Mares said Peep No More is on the heels of generating $185,000 in sales in 2019, with a goal of hitting over $1 million by year's end.

NV Energy suspending disconnections for coronavirus impact

“As more of our customers choose to self-isolate or work from home, reliable uninterrupted power is essential to their health, wellbeing and comfort."

Nevada Housing Rights Coalition calls for moratorium on evictions

Wesley Juhl of the American Civil Liberties Union said a letter has been sent to a number of Nevada cities and counties urging swift action to protect people.

Nevada News Group

Nevada News Group

Providers on the frontlines of coronavirus in Nevada report slow climb in respiratory cases

In rural Nevada — where it takes even longer to get the results of tests because samples have to be taken by courier to Reno once a day — hospitals and doctors are also taking an abundance of caution with respiratory patients and having them isolate at home.

Photo: Joey Lovato / The Nevada Independent

The inside of a tent set up to treat respiratory patients at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

Sisolak orders statewide closure of nonessential businesses, including casinos, following in footsteps of other states

“We absolutely must take this step for every Nevadan's health and safety,” the governor said. “Please. Please take this seriously. Lives are at stake, and each day passing, this pandemic is growing. Please stay home for Nevada.”

Photo: Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent)

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak steps away from the podium after an update on coronavirus during a news conference in Las Vegas on March 17.

Tuesday, March 17

Gov. Sisolak asks most business to close for 30 days; casinos follow suit

Restaurants will be able to provide takeout and delivery service, but no in-premise dining will be allowed.

Associated Press

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak seen in this file photo.

Reno closing bars, restaurants but not casinos on Friday

RENO — All bars, nightclubs, restaurants and gyms will close in Reno by 5 p.m. Friday in an effort to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus outbreak, Mayor Hillary Schieve announced. Schieve initially included casinos on the closure list late Monday with plans to begin the shutdowns Tuesday morning. But she quickly rescinded that directive and further clarified restaurants can continue carry-out orders and keep drive-thru windows open.

Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Porterhouse Marketing's Sarah Porter

"I'm excited about the growth, I think it's only going to make our city better, as long as we as a community hold on to what makes us special," says Porterhouse Marketing owner Sarah Porter.

People: Stacey Sunday named 2020 PRSA president

Sunday, who works as Manager of Communications and Public Affairs for Renown Health, is an alum of UNR.

Coronavirus: Nevada's newly flush Rainy Day Fund eyed as fears squeeze economy

Empty casinos and shrinking hotel occupancy rates caused by fears of the spreading novel coronavirus will have ripple effects beyond mass layoffs and plummeting stock prices, The Nevada Independent reports.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent)

The exterior of the Nevada Legislature is seen in Carson City.

Vail Resorts shutting down for rest of season; may re-open Heavenly

Vail Resorts was the first to announce that it would suspend operations, doing so on Saturday, and now has become the first to announce the season is over.

Photo: Kirkwood

Kirkwood Mountain, and the rest of Vail Resorts' mountain operations, is being shut down for the season.

City of Reno orders non-essential businesses to close; Schieve defends decision

Ann Silver, CEO of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, said she was torn when she heard the news because “the intent is very pure and sincere” but the fallout could be “astronomical.”

Monday, March 16

COVID-19: Reno mayor says bars, gyms, restaurants must close; Washoe County, Sparks don't have same mandate

"We are doing this to save lives ... and if that's not enough, I don't know what is ..." Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve said in a virtual press conference Monday afternoon.

Courtesy YouTube

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve speaks during a virtual press conference Monday afternoon.

People: Taylor Russo new loan officer at Guild Mortgage

Russo spent the last several years working with The Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce, where he built up a vast network of builders, developers and real estate companies in Northern Nevada.

People: Laura Moline, Mike Wood of RE/MAX make top agent lists

The RE/MAX Top 100 lists agents in the United States with the highest residential commissions for 2019.

Reno Public Market demo enters second phase

Phase two focuses on the center portion of the enclosed mall area, starting at the far east end of the building near Cold Stone Creamery and working westward.

NNBW Editor Column: COVID-19 pandemic – this too shall pass

"I'm of the mindset that, while short-term economic impacts will be damaging, this too shall pass. Still, I'm no health professional, so in serious situations like these, I feel it's important to rely on the experts. My advice? Don't panic, but be prepared and practice appropriate precautions."

Michael Bosma: COVID-19's impact on business in Nevada

"I believe that fortunes are made in calamity rather than calm," writes Michael Bosma.

Truckee Meadows lands act seeks to open 90,000 acres for possible development

Officials say the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act is a delicate balancing act to provide land needed to build homes for all the new residents coming into the region while at the same time protecting the quality of life current residents expect and demand.


Copyright - Jeramie Lu Photography | | available for travel worldwide

Photo: Rob Sabo

Here, a new home is being constructed as part of the Cliffs at Somersett project on Northwest Reno. The future of development in Washoe County is at the heart of the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act.

Sunday, March 15

Dayton chamber gets $3,500 marketing grant

President John Cassinelli has announced that Travel Nevada and the Nevada Commission on Tourism have awarded the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center a $3,500 rural tourism marketing grant. The money will be used to develop an 18" by 22" full size printed map that will be on the stands for two years. Ten thousand maps will be printed and distributed across the area, including distribution in the California Gold Country. (The California Gold Country has 140 distribution sites and many of its residents travel to Nevada on a regular basis.)

John Bullis: Time flies: Review your estate plan documents

It is surprising how fast time flies. If you have not reviewed your estate planning documents for more than two years, or if you moved to Nevada and your documents were done in another state, please review your plan and documents with an attorney. In 2020 the gift and estate combined exclusion from tax is $11.58 million. That means most folks can make gifts and still have most or all of the exclusion available to avoid paying death tax.

Saturday, March 14

NV Energy suspending disconnections for coronavirus impact

For customers isolated or experiencing financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic, NV Energy officials announced Friday they are suspending disconnections for non-payment. Utility CEO Doug Cannon said they are seeing the effects the virus is having on their customers and made the decision to provide them with some peace of mind during this period.

Jim Valentine: Real estate and technology

Real estate technology has come a long way since we marveled at the new NCR paper, No Carbon Required. It replaced the need of putting a piece of carbon paper between your original and the copy you were making when you wanted to make a duplicate of your contract or letter for the file. Of course that went in to your typewriter to prepare. Most successful offices and agents had the IBM Selectric at $1,000 a copy.

Friday, March 13

Courtesy EDAWN

Amy Fleming

Courtesy EDAWN

Amy Fleming

Coronavirus raises questions about food security, supply chain in Nevada

Bryan Wachter of the Retail Association of Nevada said his organization is “very concerned about disruptions to the supply chain.”

Photo: Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

Volunteers pack meals for the Kids Cafe program at Three Square in Las Vegas on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018.

Coronavirus causing empty NV sportsbooks, reduced gaming and hotel revenues

“The way this is playing out, we're starting to see another 9/11," says Global Market Advisors Partner Brendan Bussmann about the pandemic's impact on Nevada's resort industry.

Minden's Bently distillery first in nation to achieve LEED Gold status

On Tuesday, the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery became the first distillery in the U.S. to complete the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Certification process.

People: Andrea Thompson new APRN at Northern Nevada Medical Group

Thompson will join Drs. O'Brien and Bearfield at the NNMC family medicine clinic at 5575 Kietzke Lane in Reno.

Virginia Street project moving north to UNR

Work beginning on March 16 on Virginia Street between Interstate 80 and Lawlor Events Center will initially include demolition of the section on the east side of Virginia between 8th and 9th streets.

Thursday, March 12

Nevada unemployment rate hits record low

While Nevada’s raw unemployment rate actually increased in January, the seasonally adjusted rate fell a tenth to 3.6 percent. According to Dave Schmidt, chief economist for the Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation, that is the lowest jobless rate reported in the state since 1976 and the first time since July 2007 that the Nevada rate has matched the national rate.

Details emerge as Nevada's first payday loan database takes shape

A statewide database tracking high-interest, short-term payday lending is beginning to get off the ground and possibly start documenting such loans by summer.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

The exterior of a MoneyTree branch in Carson City.

Nevada jobless rate hits record low; Reno's rises to 3.4 percent

There are now 1.56 million workers in the state of Nevada, an increase of 327,500 from the bottom of the recession in 2010.

People: Katie Feser of Click Bond earns Women in Manufacturing STEP award

On April 30, the Manufacturing Institute will recognize 130 recipients of the STEP Ahead Awards — including Katie Feser of Carson City-based Click Bond — at a reception in Washington, D.C.

Reno insurtech company Talage closes $5 million in Series A funding

Talage's staff of 12 is expected to increase to more than 20 by the end of the summer, and “ramp up from there as the need increases," says CEO Adam Kiefer.

People: Donald Deever newest UNR Extension educator

A 21-year resident of Searchlight, Nevada, Deever previously worked in travel journalism and as an assignment adventurer with National Geographic.

ONCU launches financial program for student-athletes

Courses are available in English and Spanish, and topics include budgeting, paying for college, understanding credit scores and reports, and much more.

Photo: Getty Images

The program was created to help NIAA student-athletes and families “build financial strength and stability."

Wednesday, March 11

Courtesy Think Stack

Chris Sachse is CEO of Think Stack.

Reno-Sparks median price dips to $405K in February

According to RSAR, greater Reno-Sparks posted a median price of $390,000 in February, while the median price in Reno (including North Valleys) was $405,373. Both figures are down 4 percent from January.

Courtesy RSAR

This infographic created by RSAR shows February 2020 statistics for single-family home sales in the Reno market (which includes North Valleys), compared to the same stats in February 2019.

Working Together: Fostering a future workforce for the greater Reno region (voices)

"Regardless of how our economy continues to diversify, automation will continue to impact our landscape as work functions across industries are becoming more efficient," says Amy Fleming of EDAWN.

Nevada Tax Commission delegates to chairman authority to negotiate settlements with marijuana companies

Chairman James DeVolld said Monday he thinks his new duties will deal with major litigation between the state and marijuana businesses that argued they were unfairly denied potentially lucrative dispensary licenses.

NNBW Editor Column: New additions – and nonprofit traditions

"One of the things I'm passionate about is telling stories about the human side of business, and often there's no better way to do that than to consistently cover the cross-section of philanthropy and business."

People: John Chrispens new relationship manager at City National in Reno

As a colleague of City National Bank's Reno branch, John Chrispens will report directly to Stacy Asteriadis, vice president and branch manager.

Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Edward Jones' Ryan Nelson

"From a business perspective, we need to continue to innovate as a society, and if all of the younger generation is just working for the older generation, there's probably a lack of innovation."

Tuesday, March 10

Photo: Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

Marijuana is displayed inside Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018.

Courtesy EDAWN

Amy Fleming

Carson City’s Arts, Tourism hosts national arts, economic expert

The Carson City Department of Arts & Culture in partnership with the Culture and Tourism Authority will host national arts data and policy specialist Randy Cohen on March 17-18 for a series of presentations highlighting the impact of the arts to the local economy. Cohen is vice president of research at Americans for the Arts – the national advocacy organization for the arts – where he has been empowering arts advocates since 1991. He is a noted expert in the field of arts funding, research, and using the arts to address community development issues.

People: Melissa Molyneaux earns top SIOR awards

Molyneaux was awarded the Top Office Lease in a Small Market, the Top Office Sale in a Small Market and Most Transactions in a Small Market at the annual SIOR Northern California/Nevada Chapter Awards Luncheon.

Michael Bosma: An inside look at the world of tax season scams and cons

"Feel free to discuss the “why” about a deduction. You don't have to be an expert, but any tax professional worth their salt can explain in lay terms how the law works and applies to their situation."

Fundraising effort to save Cafe at Adele's comes up short

The Carson City Historical Society raised just $22,000 in an effort to raise $100,000 to move the 145-year-old building from Carson Street to a new location.

People: Jay Karpen new assistant VP of investments at Whittier Trust

Karpen was previously an investment manager at City of Hope, where he helped oversee a $3 billion portfolio across asset classes, including global equities, fixed income, private equity, real assets and hedge funds.

Montbleu to be sold as part of Eldorado/Caesars merger

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the second half of 2020.

Reno's ‘1,000 Homes in 120 Days' seeks to boost inventory, but at what cost?

A review of the applications submitted for the initiative revealed that out of the 4,628 proposed housing units, only 3 percent of the units are considered affordable housing — 160 units designated as senior housing. Price points for all of the units are not yet available.

Photo: David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Construction in Verdi, on the western edge of Reno.

Monday, March 9

Jacobs breaks ground on Sands Connect event space in Reno's neon district

Sands Connect will include a “selfie area,” festival tent, beer garden and open promenade, in addition to exhibit space for RV shows, outdoor shows, farmers' markets and more.

Courtesy Jacobs Entertainment

An artist rendering of the new Sands Connect event space near downtown.

People: Lisa Genasci new chief grants officer at Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada

Prior to joining CCNN, Lisa Genasci served in a variety of grant and analyst roles for the state of Nevada, University of Nevada, Reno and in the business sector.

'Good and bad' – Spaghetti Bowl project could displace 22 businesses, 675 employees

After years of planning, preliminary work is underway on the multibillion-dollar Spaghetti Bowl overhaul. How will area businesses be impacted?

Courtesy NDOT

A rendering of the new Reno-Sparks Spaghetti Bowl. Initial work began this month, according to NDOT, in the form of geotechnical soil surveys and engineering design for future construction of the first phase of the multibillion-dollar project.

Jim Valentine: Consulting your agent

A seasoned real estate agent can help you in many ways other than showing you a house. Anybody can walk in the front door, open the first closet door and proclaim, “This is the coat closet.” The true worth of a professional agent goes far beyond that. The buying and selling process of real estate has many components and nuances. You don’t need to know them all if you have a good agent.

People: Helen Lidholm new CEO at NNMC; Alan Olive to lead new Sierra hospital

Helen Lidholm, who resigned Jan. 31 from her post at Saint Mary's, is the new CEO of Northern Nevada Medical Center, effective March 2.

Lyon County takes first step toward 5-cent diesel tax

If approved, the tax is estimated to generate $2.2 million in revenue for road maintenance. That funding would be split between the county and the two cities, Fernley and Yerington.

Phase one construction, at $9.5 million, begins on ice rink in South Reno

Cost associated with Phase I is $9.5 million. The project will utilize over 3.83 acres on Wedge Parkway in the South Valleys Regional Sports Complex.

Courtesy Reno Ice

The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena aims to open this year.

Sunday, March 8

Annual STEP Ahead awards recognize women for excellence in manufacturing

The Manufacturing Institute has announced it will award Katie Feser with the Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead award. The STEP Ahead Awards honor women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their careers and represent all levels of the manufacturing industry, from the factory floor to the C suite. On April 30, the Manufacturing Institute will recognize 130 recipients of the STEP Ahead Awards at a reception in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, March 7

Kelly Bullis: Tips for preparing your own tax return

As flattered as I am, I must disappoint some friends when they come to me and ask a tax question. Unfortunately, I have not been able to memorize all 4 million lines of U.S. Tax Code. Recently added to all that is the New Trump Tax Law (now in it’s second year) which was designed to make it easier for many folks to prepare their own returns. When you embark on the adventure of self preparing your own tax return, here are some “Tips” to help guide you.

Friday, March 6

Gold poured for first time in 30 years at Nevada's Relief Canyon Mine

Active mining started in early December, and commercial-level gold production is expected before the end of the second quarter of 2020.

North Tahoe resort association seeks to create business tax district

“We're not just putting the burden of workforce housing and transportation issues on the lodging community. Any business that benefits from tourism should be part of the solution.”

Growing Reno marketing company – which moonlights in antique gun sales – to fill more jobs in 2020

Starting as a one-man web design and IT company, 15 years later, D4 Advanced Media has evolved into a full-service agency with more than 200 clients and a staff of 15.

Officials: Nevada's agritourism industry has plenty of room to grow

Rick Gray, of Osborne Gray Marketing; Rick Lattin, of Lattin Farms; Ann Louhela, of Western Nevada College; Natalie and Cameron Andelin of Andelin Farms; and Shari Bombard, of Travel Nevada gathered recently to talk about Northern Nevada's growing agritourism industry.

Reno-assisted Tahoe marketing campaign earns Poppy award

Both campaigns were aided by Reno marketing firms The Abbi Agency and The Augustine Agency, both of which have long served as communications partners with the North Lake Tahoe Marketing Cooperative.

Thursday, March 5

Photo: Max Whittaker / Visit California

The North Lake Tahoe Marketing Cooperative won big at the Visit California Poppy Awards in San Diego on Feb. 11 for their “Treasures of Tahoe” and “Human Nature” marketing campaigns, which were created in part by Reno marketing firms The Abbi Agency and The Augustine Agency.

Photo: Steve Ranson

The Fallon Cantaloupe Festival, seen here from last summer, is one of Nevada’s premier agritourism events.

Amid major population growth, Washoe RTC starts work on 2050 transit plan

One area of focus will be the Sparks industrial district, where many businesses operate during non-traditional hours and trucks shuttle in and out like clockwork.

People: Brian Reeder becomes first partner at Ferrari Public Affairs

Brian Reeder, who grew up in Fernley, previously worked with the Nevada Chapter of the Associated General Contractors in Reno. He also holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from UNR.


Copyright - Jeramie Lu Photography | | available for travel worldwide

Noble Deeds applications due March 6

Each year, the program from Noble Studios in Reno provides more than $200,000 in pro bono digital marketing services to one or more Nevada nonprofits.

Tahoe Trail Bar's Wes King first graduate of Reno-Tahoe accelerator program

In the past two years, Tahoe Trail Bar's revenue jumped from $450,000 (2017) to $1.2 million (2019), and its staff increased from two to five employees, who all work at the company's Reno headquarters on Airway Drive.

Greater Nevada Credit Union to open third Elko branch

The new GNCU branch located on the corner of 12th and Idaho streets in Elko is scheduled to open late summer 2020.

Wednesday, March 4

Photo: Kerstin Plemel

On Feb. 11, Greater Nevada Credit Union broke ground on a new branch at the corner of 12th and Idaho streets. Pictured, from left are GNCU Board of Directors members Rob Joiner, Bill Arensorf, Vernon Dalton (emeritus), and Alex Talmant; Elko Chamber of Commerce CEO Billie Crapo; City of Elko Mayor Reece Keener; and GNCU President/CEO Wally Murray.

What's Up Downtown: Reno City Center can catalyze reinvention (voices)

"When Harrah's closes this summer after the final purchasing agreements, we'll have a front row seat to one of the largest renovation projects in recent years."

Reno-Sparks developers jumping on non-gaming, boutique hotel model

As Northern Nevada drifts away from its longtime gaming roots, its preferred lodging model also is drifting away from the bright lights of the casinos.

NNBW Editor Column: Do you have social friends in low places?

Social media has given people free reign to not be held accountable for their words ... now, people can just hide behind a pseudonym — or worse, create fake accounts in order to spread hate.

People: Reno attorney Joey Gilbert joins eXp Realty

The move comes after the launch last summer of Gilbert' Reno-based real estate company, Champion Expert Advisors.

People: Ryan Garaventa named partner, VP of Alpine Insurance

Ryan Garaventa has worked at Alpine Insurance in various capacities for the past 25 years.

2nd annual Reno Venture Conference set for April 21-22

The conference brings together active angel investors and rising startups to showcase Northern Nevada's growing ecosystem of technology and talent.

Tuesday, March 3

Photo: Rob Sabo

The Hampton Inn & Suites in Northwest Reno was built by Tanamera Construction and completed in 2015. It's one of several hotels built in the region over the past few years that doesn't include a gambling component.

Courtesy: CAI Investments

Earlier this year, CAI Investments released a rendering of the Reno City Center, which would eventually replace Harrah's.

Photo: Jeramie Lu

Joey Gilbert

Twenty Under 40 Q-and-A: Nevada Realtors' attorney Tiffany Banks

"I think there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to have support and funding and mechanism for growth through people in our communities than ever before," says Tiffany Banks, general counsel for the Nevada Realtors.

People: Michael Holcomb of Morgan Stanley named top wealth advisor by Forbes

Holcomb, an advisor at Morgan Stanley's Lake Tahoe Wealth Management office in Stateline, has worked for the firm since 2002.

Oliver Luxury Real Estate of Tahoe, Reno sold to New York's Corcoran Group

Oliver Luxury Real Estate of Lake Tahoe and Reno and Bay Area's Zephyr Real Estate were recently acquired by the Corcoran Group in New York.

Reno to host first-ever ‘Speed Networking' event March 10

WIN Executive Director Philip MacDougall says "attendees will have the opportunity to talk to each person for four minutes, before being directed to move, allowing everyone the chance to connect with new people they might be interested in doing business with or working for.”

Launched in fall 2018, UNR's Black Business Student Association is making important connections

At many colleges across America, key administrators struggle to find meaningful ways for diverse populations to feel welcome and comfortable on campus. At UNR, the Black Business Student Association was created in 2018 to help those who are often underrepresented.

UNR College of Engineering career fair helps students, employers connect

Originating in fall of 2011, the University of Nevada, Reno College of Engineering's biannual career fair has grown from 19 employers to 74.

Monday, March 2

Photo: Corcoran Global Living

A look inside one of the homes Corcoran Global Living (formerly Oliver Luxury Real Estate) has listed for sale.

Photo: UNR

Members and advisers of the University of Nevada, Reno's Black Business Student Association are pictured last spring.

Photo: UNR

Gregg Rosenberg, who graduated in 2015 from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in mechanical engineering, now works at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

Nevada casino win tops $1 billion; 8th time in 12 months

The $1.038 billion Nevada casinos took home in January is up a 5.5 percent compared to January 2019.

People: Brian Cushard hired as VP of Strategic Growth at LP Insurance

In his new role at LP Insurance, Cushard will focus on acquisitions, operational enhancements and growth throughout the company.

‘Hop-on' jet service returning to Reno; Vegas, Burbank flights on tap

JSX — formerly known as JetSuiteX — will offer daily roundtrip flights from RNO to Burbank and Las Vegas starting May 8.

Courtesy: JSX

JSX operates a fleet of 30-seat Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft.

People: Cory Hunt new EVP at Tolles Development Company

Prior to joining Tolles Development Company, Hunt was director of research and analysis at Applied Analysis. He previously worked for GOED and was senior policy analyst under former Gov. Brian Sandoval

UNR gets $500K grant for lithium-ion battery research

"Lithium-ion batteries are highly efficient energy storage devices that have transformed personal electronics and enabled the market introduction of electric vehicles."

Photo: Getty Images

Lithium-ion batteries — a sample of which is seen here — are highly efficient energy storage devices.

GOED leader: ‘It's time' for Nevada to reevaluate tax abatements

With the extended economic recovery showing no signs of slowing, GOED has begun updating the state's 2012 Economic Development Plan to bring in more in line with the state of Nevada's economy.

Sunday, March 1