Truckee company Stomp Sessions launches online snowboarding tutorials

TRUCKEE, Calif. — With more than 100 tutorials from some of the top extreme athletes from around the globe, local company Stomp Sessions has recently added snowboarding to their mix of video lessons.

In time for the winter season, Stomp Session’s snowboarding tutorials mark the company’s fourth different sport, joining access and tips from some of the best in surfing, skateboarding and mountain biking.

Olympic hopeful in slopestyle Brock Crouch and industry icon Dave Downing have uploaded several videos offering tips from how to land a backside 180 to advice on setting up bindings.

“It’s rare to have access to an elite athlete in their prime, on the path to the next Olympics, and available daily to help snowboarders across the globe progress their riding,” said Ryan Williams, co-founder and CEO of Stomp Sessions.

Launched in September 2019, Stomp Sessions’ online tutorials include lessons from professional skateboarder Chris Cole, surfer Josh Kerr and mountain biker Cam Zink, among several others.

With many stuck at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and new videos being uploaded every month, Williams said Stomp Sessions has seen a 500% jump in its membership during the past few months.

“Obviously people being at home has been a part of that, but also the quality of what we make,” added Williams. “People pay 5 bucks a month, and just like Netflix, we have new releases every month.”

Following a season that saw Crouch land on the 2020 Dew Tour Slopestyle podium, he said his tutorials focus on helping riders learn tricks like methods, boardslides and spins, while Downing offers insight from his more than 30 years of experience on backcountry riding and equipment.

“I was looking to share all this knowledge with the masses and Stomp is leading the way in this space, making it a perfect fit,” said Downing in a news release. “Plus the co-founder Ryan and I were teammates on Burton in the 90s, making this partnership that much better.”

Stomp Sessions also has digital coaching from Crouch, Downing, Williams and Mike Burton as part of its new snowboarding offerings. Users can upload clips to one of the company’s pros and will then receive feedback and help to get better.

“It’s really opened us up to be more of a global company,” said Williams on Stomp Sessions’ digital coaching, which features help from pros in mountain biking, surfing, and skateboarding as well.

Stomp Sessions’ website also allows users to post side-by-side videos of themselves and a pro performing a trick.

“If people are just wanting to see how they are doing on a trick or a maneuver, they can upload their clip and watch it against the pros.”

The Truckee-based startup began in 2016 with Williams’ idea of having action sports athletes share tips and after teaming up with fellow co-founder Robert Suarez, evolved into a platform where individuals could book live sessions with professionals from an array of sports.

The company now offers 117 video tutorials from pros across several disciplines.

This article was first published Nov. 6 by the Sierra Sun and is republished here with permission.


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