Save Mart donations make a difference at Western Nevada College

Save Mart has been an important and valued community partner for Western Nevada College during the 2021-22 school year.
The supermarket chain has helped look out for the well-being of WNC students and staff through several generous donations.
Among the donations was a $10,000 grant contribution from the Save Mart C.A.R.E.S. Foundation to the Wildcat Reserve, WNC’s food and hygiene pantry created to address student food insecurity, an issue identified in the Student Success Survey, for a significant portion of the college’s student body.
Chris Benson, who manages the Save Mart store at 3620 N. Carson St., is glad that Save Mart can make a difference at WNC, where he was once a student.
“We like to partner with the community and help students at WNC who are a little less fortunate and this food helps them go a long way, especially during these hard times,” Benson said. “I had an opportunity to attend here, and it’s just a great school with the services they offer students. I would encourage any student not to be bashful or shy and utilize the services that are available to them.”
The Wildcat Reserve is located in Room 108 in WNC’s Joe Dini Building on the Carson City campus and presents students with a wide variety of nonperishable food items and hygiene products. Because of donations from Save Mart and other college community partners, the Wildcat Reserve has been able to expand its food offerings to students including frozen foods and dairy products.
Besides the $10,000 donation to the pantry, Save Mart has supplied $400 in gift cards for additional food pantry purchases.
Further, earlier this year, a Save Mart donation armed students and staff with greater protection against COVID. The thoughtful and timely gift of 29 cases of hand sanitizer enabled WNC to further protect students and staff on its Carson City and Fallon campuses, including the Liberal Arts department, the Child Development Center, the Foundation, Wildcat Reserve, Nursing and Allied Health, Professional and Applied Technology and faculty members, as COVID cases spiked throughout the country.
For information about Wildcat Reserve or to schedule a food pantry order, phone 775-445-3218 or email


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