People: Eric Engelman, Jenny Walters, Scott Norman, Stephen Schroder promoted by REMSA

Eric Engelman

Eric Engelman

REMSA Health has promoted four team members to leadership roles within the organization.

Stephen Schroder

 Eric Engelman has been promoted to manager of the Regional Emergency Communications Center. He brings more than 15 years of emergency medical services (EMS) experience to his role. He joined REMSA Health in 2015 as an aviation communications specialist and later served in a variety of leadership roles in the communications center that manages more than 252,000 calls annually. Engelman’s breadth of EMS experience includes patient services technician, emergency medical technician (EMT), emergency department technician, trauma registrar, volunteer firefighter and fleet/warehouse manager. In his new role, Engelman oversees operations of the communications center and supports the frontline communications specialists to ensure efficiency of patient responses. He holds a variety of certifications in medical dispatch communications and has an associate’s degree in computer technology from Empire College.

Jenny Walters


Jenny Walters has been promoted to manager of the Center for Integrated Health and Community Education. In this role, Walters oversees the provider and community member training and educational offerings from REMSA Health. She joined the organization in 2012 and has served in roles providing patient care, training EMS students and providing onboarding training and development for new employees. She is a certified paramedic and holds an associate’s degree from Columbia Southern University; she’s also currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in EMS Administration from Columbia Southern University. Walters received the Nevada State Star of Life award in 2019, as well a REMSA Health EMS Week award in 2014 and in 2021.

Scott Norman


Scott Norman has been promoted to manager of clinical standards and practices. Bringing more than a decade of clinical and EMS experience to his role, he leads an interdisciplinary team of administrators, operations leaders and clinical staff to ensure that the quality of healthcare delivered by REMSA Health’s providers is of the highest clinical standards. He has served in a variety of roles including vehicle supply technician, advanced EMT, paramedic and senior field training officer. Most recently, he served as the clinical development coordinator. Norman holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from California State University, Sacramento and an associate degree in art from American River College. He holds many certifications in EMS and life support and serves as the secretary and treasurer for the region’s Prehospital Medical Advisory Committee. 

 Stephen Schroder has been promoted to manager of the Regional Emergency Communications Center. With more than 16 years of EMS experience, Schroder has held positions at various agencies from paramedic to education coordinator and others. Like his colleague, Engelman, who serves in this same role, Schroder oversees operations of the communications center and supports the frontline 


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