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Abowd & Rose Financial Group is becoming Aspire Capital Advisers

Duane Johnson
Eric Abowd

Eric Abowd, a veteran in the financial planning industry, started his own agency 15 years ago in Nevada’s capitol city. With times changing, he felt it was time to rebrand.

The company formerly called Abowd & Rose Financial Group with offices in Carson City and South Reno, is becoming Aspire Capital Advisers, with the tagline, “Life’s Worth Planning.”

Abowd explained in a phone interview with NNBW that he wanted to rebrand the company to reflect its team-like atmosphere, and to recognize the diligence of his staff of eight employees. Many, he said, have been with the company a decade or more.

Abowd chose “Aspire” to reflect how the company assists clients to reach their financial goals.

“When we wanted to rebrand we decided on Aspire,” Abowd said. “In terms of financial goals, you aspire to do better.”

The company previously announced the rebranding, however, work still needs to be done from changing signs to updating the company’s website, and working through various social media channels. The process is expected to take another month or two. For now, Aspire is maintaining its old web site at http://abowdandrose.com/new/abowdrosefinancialgroup/. The new site, http://www.aspirecapitalteam.com, is expected to go live by next week.

When they searched for expertise on the rebrand process, Abowd turned to Foundry, a Reno-based PR company that recently went through its own transformation from its former name, The Bauserman Group.

“They said ‘here’s what you’ll need to do and what to look out for,’” Abowd said. “One thing they said to be careful about is to make sure people don’t get the impression that it’s a whole new company, or for them to be shell-shocked and wonder what happened to the company.”

Although the name will change, Abowd assured that its services will not.

“The core of what we do will remain exactly the same,” he said.

Aspire’s services deal with wealth management, financial and estate planning, plus insurance and tax management strategies.

The bulk of the company business serves individual and families, although it also works with businesses and organizations. Aspire mainly serves northern Nevada, but Abowd serves several out-of-state clients, even as far away as Hawaii.

The company receives most of its business on referrals or meeting potential clients at events. He added Aspire has maintained superior customer service, which is instrumental in acquiring new clients.

“Only a small percentage of people feel secure with where they’re at financially,” Abowd said. “About 75 percent of people aren’t happy and about 20 percent of those people will ask around with family or friends for referrals on financial planning.”

Abowd, a native of Carson City, graduated from Drake University in 2003 and eventually went to work for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). He returned to his hometown to start his own company, Abowd & Rose. It’s current location in Carson City is at 680 W. Nye Lane. It also opened a South Reno location at 730 Sandhill Road, Suite 320 in Reno.

Abowd has earned several honors over the years, from MassMutual’s Chairman Club Award and the “Million Dollar Round Table” (MDRT) is The Premier Industry Association of Financial Professionals.