Aces begin search for full-time public address announcer for 2010 season |

Aces begin search for full-time public address announcer for 2010 season

Rob Sabo

The Reno Aces’ search for a public address announcer has drawn considerable interest from Reno-area residents who believe their job skills include extensive baseball knowledge combined with a fan-friendly voice.

The Aces begin their sophomore season April 8 and announced their quest for a full-time PA announcer this month. T.J. Lasita, vice president of baseball operations/communications for the Aces, expects 30 to 50 applicants by the Feb. 26 deadline.

Lasita has fielded dozens of phone calls and emails from people hoping to try out for the position. Public address duties were split last year, with Cub Country FM DJ Mike Murray announcing the bulk of the Aces’ 72 home games.

“It is a pretty big-time commitment,” Lasita says. “There is a lot of interest out there for sure.”

The position is open to men or women, he says but this job isn’t for the meek or timid. Lasita says that although baseball has the perception of being a slow-paced game, action in the press box can be frenetic.

“It is a very high-paced, action-packed atmosphere in the press box,” he says. “It is a very high-pressure job up there, and we need someone who really will be able to handle that and excel in that role.”

Once the Aces have their submissions applicants are asked to mail in a demo CD they’ll make a short list and invite applicants to the ballpark to announce a mock inning of player introductions and sponsor reads from the press box to get a live sampling of talent.

“There are so many talented people in this area,” Lasita says. “We just need to find that right voice that fits with the image we are trying to portray.

“It is an interesting position,” he adds. “The person sitting up there becomes the voice of your ballpark experience, and that is a very important part of what makes up the experience of going to a game.”

Compensation for the gig is on a per-game basis, and the Aces are still hammering out a pay scale, Lasita says. “All our positions are competitive with what you will find at this level and throughout this league,” he notes.