Advanced Health Chiropractic opens second office in South Meadows |

Advanced Health Chiropractic opens second office in South Meadows

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Upon seeing her number of patients continue to increase month after month, Dr. Melissa Perotti, D.C., of Advanced Health Chiropractic, decided to open a second office in the South Meadows area.

“Oftentimes our patients are calling with high levels of pain or they’re suffering from immobility in a part of their body. We like to offer them same day appointments so that we can begin their adjustments and get them healed and well as soon as possible,” says Perotti. “By opening a second office this has enabled us to see more patients and get to work helping them feel better.”

In addition to adjustments, or manipulation, Advanced Health Chiropractic also offers the latest in chiropractic technology including computerized adjustments with ImpulseIQ ®, electrical muscle stimulation, cryotherapy and deep tissue laser therapy with LiteCure.

Dr. Perotti and Dr. Jim Loconte both see patients ranging in age from newborns to seniors.  “The birth process can and does cause mild to severe misalignments to baby and mom. Safe, gentle chiropractic, barely as much pressure as testing an avocado for ripeness, allows perfect function of the nervous system, which allows perfect expression of life,” says Dr. Perotti.  “We seek to educate, adjust and empower our patients to take an active part in achieving optimal health through natural chiropractic care, regardless of age.”

Additionally, Dr. Perotti has been the Official Chiropractor for the Reno Aces since 2009 and specializes in chiropractic health for professional and amateur athletes of all ages

The new office is located at 9437 Double Diamond Parkway, Suite 18 in South Reno. The original office remains open at 9570 S. McCarran Blvd in West Reno.

For more information, please call (775) 683-9026 or (775) 746-2555, or visit