After $3.5M sale dies, Empire Ranch, Carson City residents moving forward |

After $3.5M sale dies, Empire Ranch, Carson City residents moving forward

Charles Whisnand
Empire Ranch recently held a meeting for its residents.

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Empire Ranch Golf Course has reaffirmed the message to its residents: The plan is for Empire to remain as at least an 18-hole golf course.

Empire Ranch recently held a meeting with its residents to cover their concerns about the future of the golf course. Owners Dwight and Sandra Millard assured those at the meeting their plans are to keep the golf course and restaurant open, said Andrew Robles, marketing and project development manager for Millard Real Estate and Construction.

“The meeting went great and we are looking forward to all the positive things to come,” Robles said.

The sale of Empire Ranch Golf Course for $3.5 million through Manzana Capital Investment Fund, an investment fund of Castaneras and Dr. Fred Simon, fell through last month because of a conflict with city officials over Empire’s water rights, said Manzana founder and CEO Art Castanares.

Manzana had intended to turn the entire golf course into a soccer complex.

This upset Empire Ranch residents, leading them to create a Facebook page to address their concerns.

Empire Ranch is a 27-hole golf course and Robles said the plan was originally for Empire to maintain an 18-hole course while developing the rest of the property.

While that’s still a possibility, Robles said the main concern is to have the best 18-hole course possible. “Right now our main concern is to get 18 holes to the perfect shape,” Robles said.

And even though the sale feel through, Robles said Empire maintains a close relationship with the prospective buyers.

Robles, though, said it’s been stressed to the residents “if there’s no business how do we keep it going?” as far as the golf course is concerned.

With that in mind, Robles said the residents have been more supportive, playing more at the golf course and coming to the restaurant more.

“For us and the residents we’re working together to make this good for everybody,” Robles said.

Robles said at the meeting the Millards said their first priority is finalizing repairs to the golf course from flood damage. Robles said Empire has a consultant which is advising on the best way to proceed when it comes to the repairs.

Other topics covered at the meeting was the restaurant having a new menu with Sysco providing menu assistance and training of a new chef and staff.

Plans to purchase new golf carts and Empire remaining in Nine and Dine events were also discussed.

Robles also said those at the meeting showed an interest in regular dinners along with breakfast and lunch and monthly meetings will be held with Empire residents.

Empire is also hosting a job fair from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, 1876 Fairway Drive.

Among the positions available are pro shop attendants, kitchen staff, wait staff, beverage cart attendants, golf course maintenance and grounds crews.