Albertson’s signs up Motion Potion |

Albertson’s signs up Motion Potion

After introducing its Motion Potion Rx

in northern Nevada on August 15, Renobased

Bio Essentials signed an agreement

with Albertson’s Food & Drug Stores to

sell the beverage in 47 stores in northern

Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

starting Sept. 23.

Motion Potion RX is a beverage designed

to aid adults suffering from chronic joint pain.

Its key ingredient is glucosamine sulfate.

“This has to be a record for a startup beverage

company,” said Dr. Michael Nelson,

president of Bio Essentials. “After only being

on the shelves in Reno for less than two

weeks, Motion Potion Rx has gone from a

baby step to a giant leap.”

Motion Potion Rx in available in northern

Nevada at Scolari’s Food & Drug Stores,

Winner’s Corner, Albertson’s Food and Drug

Stores and Sak’ N Save.


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