American Fiber Systems finishes Carson City network |

American Fiber Systems finishes Carson City network

John Seelmeyer

American Fiber Systems Inc. has delivered on a commitment in Carson City that it made three years ago.

The company, which said last week that it’s completed its Carson City fiber optic network, took on a commitment to build the telecommunications system as part of its acquisition of IDACOMM in early 2007.

IDACOMM, which had been owned by IDACORP, an Idaho utility, provided fiber-optic service to Reno, Las Vegas and Boise at the time of the acquisition.

It also had made a commitment to extend the network into Carson City to meet the needs of the state government, a major new customer.

American Fiber Systems spent three years winning local government approvals, engineering and building the network in downtown Carson City, said Bill Ciminelli, its vice president of network development and services.

The network company is headquartered at Rochester, N.Y.

While the route of the Carson City fiber system was determined largely by the need to serve state government office buildings, Ciminelli said American Fiber Systems now is marketing the network to other large businesses along the route.

American Fiber Systems, which competes with cable and telecommunications systems, positions itself as an alternate choice for broadband.

AT&T operates two redundant fiber rings connecting Carson City and Reno.

The American Fiber Systems network that’s been installed in Carson City amounts to 5,600 fiber-miles the length of the system, in miles, multiplied by the number of fiber optic strands.

It connects to American Fiber System’s network in Reno, a 7,300 fiber-mile system. And from Reno, data can flow over American Fiber Systems’ long-haul intercity network that links Reno, Carson City, Las Vegas, Boise and Salt Lake City.

Ciminelli said the company believes the direct links between Carson City, Las Vegas and Reno are likely to be an important piece of its sales strategy.

American Fiber Systems is privately held and financed by several venture capital funds.


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