Amerigroup Nevada offers members access to doctors via webcam, smartphone and tablet technology |

Amerigroup Nevada offers members access to doctors via webcam, smartphone and tablet technology

Annie Conway
Members of Amerigroup Nevada can now use their smart phone, tablet computer or LiveHealth Online MedSuite Kiosk to have a live video visit with a doctor.
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Members of Amerigroup Nevada can now see a doctor without leaving their home through a service called LiveHealth Online.

“In essence, LiveHealth Online is a tool that members can use on their smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam to have a live visit with a U.S. based board certified doctor,” Eric Lloyd, Amerigroup Nevada president, said in a recent phone interview with NNBW.

Amerigroup Nevada members can access LiveHealth Online remotely from a computer with a webcam by logging on to their website or by downloading the free LiveHealth Online app. Amerigroup Nevada launched the technology in February 2016. They also recently launched a version for Spanish-speaking members called Cuidado Médico.

The technology allows their members to see a Nevada licensed doctor 24-hours a day, any day of the year. Doctors can consult with patients to help address common health concerns such as the flu, pink eye, cold, skin infections, etc. Online consultations for these types of non-emergency medical conditions eliminate the need to travel to the doctor’s office and reduce the risk of infecting others with the flu or a cold.

With the growing need for primary care physicians in Nevada, LiveHealth Online helps address that need.

“With the shortage of doctors, especially in the north, we wanted to offer another solution,” Lloyd said.

According to Lloyd, more of their members are slowly starting to take advantage of the technology.

“The uptick keeps increasing each month,” he said.

Patients are able to see practicing doctors who supplement some of their extra time between patients with LiveHealth Online.

“We are finding that a lot of providers are liking this opportunity,” Lloyd said. “Their availability is increasing every month.”

He explained that while Amerigroup Nevada is only provided in Nevada’s urban area’s of Washoe and Clark Counties, this type of technology is also beneficial to rural areas where there are limited medical services and patients have to travel a fair distance to get medical attention.

Amerigroup Nevada has also installed a LiveHealth Online MedSuite Kiosk for their members in southern Nevada as another way to see a doctor via video. The kiosk is equipped with medical equipment such as a digital thermometer, blood pressure monitor and dermatoscope. A motion sensor in the kiosk can detect when the station is in use and activates a white noise mechanism so the patient can visit with the doctor without compromising their privacy.

The kiosk is located at the WELL CARE facility at 5412 Boulder Highway in Las Vegas. According to Lloyd, they are working on installing kiosks in northern Nevada as WELL CARE is expanding to northern Nevada. However, the timeline for installation is still uncertain. The kiosks are also only available in English.

Amerigroup Nevada opened their Las Vegas office in February 2009. They currently have nearly 190,000 members in Nevada. More than 25,000 members in Washoe County have access to the program.

LiveHealth Online is the trade name of Health Management Corporation. This company provides telehealth services to Anthem Blue Cross. Amerigroup Nevada is a part of Anthem. LiveHealth Online is free for Amerigroup Nevada members. However, LiveHealth Online is not just limited to members of Amerigroup Nevada and is offered in the majority of states throughout the U.S.


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