Audi Reno Tahoe builds showroom |

Audi Reno Tahoe builds showroom

Audi Reno Tahoe in south Reno has begun an expansion that will allow the dealership to showcase its eight models of vehicles in an enclosed showroom.

Audi Reno Tahoe opened in January 2012 after Findlay Automotive Group of Henderson purchased the former Allison Mitsubishi dealership and remodeled the building to brand it with the Audi flag. Expanding the facility to include a showroom was always part of the original plan for the dealership, General Manager John Coats says.

“We knew we were going to expand, it was just a matter of time,” Coats says. “But as things continued to grow, we outgrew our current building.”

The expansion will add a 4,037-square-foot glass-and-steel showroom, and also expand the entrance to the service area so customers are out of the elements when dropping off their vehicles for service. The footprint of the entire dealership will be 17,366 square feet.

General contractor Boyd Martin Construction of Las Vegas is expected to complete work on the expansion in October.

“It gives our customers that luxury experience. They will be able to shop and view the cars outside of the elements,” Coats says.

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