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Balanced Health Solutions’ approach to medicine

Brook Bentley
Dr. Dale Kelly of Balanced Health Solutions
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“Our whole practice is focused on getting people well through a process called functional medicine. Functional medicine is getting to the root of the problem, and correcting the underlying problem instead of just keeping people on medications that cover up the symptoms forever,” Dr. Dale Kelly explained.

Functional medicine is medical practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.

Born and raised in Nevada, Dr. Kelly graduated from Sparks High School, and received his undergraduate degree at the University of Nevada, Reno and Truckee Meadows Community College. After completing his degree, he and his family moved to Portland, Ore. while he attended Western States Chiropractic College.

After completing his schooling in Oregon, Dr. Kelly and his family moved back to Sparks where he opened Balanced Health Solutions. Dr. Kelly has been practicing for over 26 years and continuing his education in functional medicine and nutrition as well as taking advanced courses in clinical nutrition. He strives to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Dr. Kelly had a personal experience in the 1990s — about five years into his chiropractic career — that pushed him to pursue options other than life-long medications. In his research he discovered there were some key things in his diet that could work to reverse his situation and keep him from having to take medication.

“I had to fix myself and then I started to look at my patients that were all really sick, on 10 to 15 different drugs and still having problems,” Dr. Kelly said.

“So I started following different doctors — back in the ’90s functional medicine was a brand new field — and started learning more and more,” he added.

The process at Balanced Health Solutions begins with in-office screenings, looking at things like cell inflammation and what may be causing the problem. This screening process is designed to find the root of the problem that is causing patients to be on medication and causing their health problems. Once they have found the root of the problem, Dr. Kelly tailors a plan for each patient to help reverse what is happening in their body and give them the opportunity for a healthier life. Balanced Health Solutions offers services for allergy treatment, hormone and thyroid conditions, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, fatigue and depression as well as Type 2 diabetes treatment. Dr. Kelly works with patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to reduce and eliminate their need and dependency for prescription medication. He also works to get patients off most or all of their blood sugar medicine and help them to have normal blood sugar readings.

His wife and business partner, Chris Kelly added that many doctors will do certain types of cleanses, whether it be colon or liver but in the last few years Dr. Kelly has gone even deeper and now does cellular detox, which is very cutting edge. He is one of probably 150 doctors across the country doing cellular detox.

“Heal the cell to get well,” Chris Kelly said as the catch phrase for cellular detox.

In caring for his patients Dr. Kelly also teaches them the science behind caring for the whole body. Chris Kelly elaborated that their goal is to share knowledge that allows their patients to understand the importance of healing the entire body rather than healing one part of the body and letting the rest remain sick.

Dr. Kelly is hosting a workshop about reversing diabetes naturally on June 16 at the National Automobile Museum in Reno. To learn more and register, visit To learn more about Balanced Health Solutions, visit or call 775-313-9113.