Balanced Health Solutions talks type 2 diabetes |

Balanced Health Solutions talks type 2 diabetes

Brook Bentley
Dr. Dale Kelly with his wife and business partner Chris Kelly
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Type 2 diabetes, once known as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition that affects the way the body metabolizes sugar (glucose), which is an important source of fuel for the body.

“Right now, in the United States, about one out of four people have diabetes — it is affecting all of us and the meds are not fixing the problem,” Dr. Dale Kelly of Balanced Health Solutions said.

Dr. Kelly has spent over 26 years practicing functional medicine. His background started in chiropractic and shifted to functional medicine and nutrition when he himself faced health issues that put him on medication. Once he was able to get to the root of the problem and adjust his diet among other imbalances in his body he was able to get off the medication. His personal success of getting off medication and making himself healthy by focusing on the root of the problem inspired him to share his knowledge with others.

In caring for his patients Dr. Kelly teaches patients the science behind caring for the whole body. Chris Kelly, Dr. Kelly’s wife and business partner, elaborated that their goal is to share knowledge that allows their patients to understand the importance of healing the entire body rather than healing one part of the body and letting the rest remain sick.

“There is no, quote, diabetes program. Everything is customized for each patient depending on what their labs tell us we need to be working on,” Dr. Kelly explained.

In regards to type 2 diabetes specifically, Dr. Kelly explained, “Our goal is to help them reverse their diabetes enough that they can reduce or eliminate their need for medication.”

He went on to explain the process for a patient to be taken off medication for diabetes, “That happens between them and their prescribing doctor, I do not take anyone off their meds.”

Dr. Kelly is adamant that if he doesn’t think he can help a patient that comes in to Balanced Health Solutions then he will steer them where they need to go. This also brought Dr. Kelly to his second point about patients he takes on: His patients need to be motivated to change their diet.

Behavioral addictions, such as a food addiction — compulsive consumption of palatable foods — can make a lifestyle change difficult for some people. Usually these foods are high fat and high sugar and they activate the reward system in the brain despite actually having negative consequences. Chris Kelly talked about for people addicted to their foods, changing their diet could be too difficult for them, making a natural reversal of type 2 diabetes an unlikely option.

“For kids born after 2000, one out of two will have diabetes. This generation now, their lifespan will be shorter than their parents,” Dr. Kelly stated.

He went on to explain that seeing the need in patients with diabetes, knowing doctors, and seeing the number of diabetics continuing to increase, are part of what has moved him to sharing his knowledge about the possibility of naturally reversing type 2 diabetes.

Balanced Health Solutions’ goal is to get to the origin of the problem, which includes customized treatment for each patient. Dr. Kelly is trained to focus on what could be causing a patient’s illness or discomfort beginning on the cellular level. He is one of approximately 150 doctors across the country doing cellular detox.

An initial visit at Balanced Health Solutions begins with an office screening that includes face-time with Dr. Kelly. Because of his unique training, Balanced Health Solutions is able to offer screenings and testing that very few doctors can offer. A standard blood panel at Balanced Health Solutions is 74 different tests. Saliva and hormone testing may also be done depending on the patient. After this initial screening process, the course of treatment is tailored for each patient.

The initial screenings look for cell inflammation and severity of the swelling. They also allow Dr. Kelly to see what could be causing swelling, whether it is toxins, stressors, a combination or a variety of other causers. The process is very specialized to each patient and their needs.

All of the screening and gathering of information is intended to get to the start of the problem so the patient can work to heal the entire body, rather than healing just one part. Balanced Health Solutions has seen success with patients who do as they are told and follow the program Dr. Kelly develops for them.

Dr. Kelly is hosting a workshop about naturally reversing type 2 diabetes on June 16 at the National Automobile Museum in Reno. To learn more and to register, visit To learn more about Balanced Health Solutions visit, or call 775-313-9113.