BBB books feature local contributors |

BBB books feature local contributors

NNBW staff

Two Reno businessmen are among contributors to a new series of “Insiders’ Guides” published by The Better Business Bureau nationally.

The books are designed to provide readers with step-by-step guidance and shed light on intimidating topics.

Ken Etter, owner of Kenneth Etter Realty in Reno, and Maurice Dussaq, owner of Fast Signs in Reno and Carson City, provided insight and information based on their experience in real estate and franchising.

Dussaq, who started Fast Signs in Reno more than 17 years ago and added a shop in Carson City a year later, offers tips on franchising. A former vice president of sales for a company that sold franchises before joining one himself with two stores, Dussaq has seen it from both sides, he says.

“If you do your homework well, and you hook up with a good franchise, they will have a good system in place for you to follow. If you follow that guideline, and add your own skills and abilities, you should do well.”

He contributed to “Better Business Bureau Buying a Franchise” It helps people choose the right franchise, negotiate the contract process, understand fees and start-up costs, learn about financing options and operate the franchise successfully.

Etter, meanwhile, contributed to “Better Business Bureau Buying a Home.” This guide helps readers navigate the world of agents, home selection, contracts, inspections and mortgages.

“The books help people make wise decisions or at least take the time to review all the possibilities, and that is good,” Etter says. “There are a lot of things in the marketplace that should be weighed before making a deal or choice, and that is what the BBB is all about helping you make the right choices. It’s good for consumers, and its good for retailers. It takes you to higher standard.”

The third title in the series is “Better Business Bureau Starting an eBay Business.” The book provides step-by-step guidance on starting, running and growing an eBay business.

BBB Insiders’ Guides are available at Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, airport book stores, and online at and