BLM auctions parcels for geothermal |

BLM auctions parcels for geothermal

The Bureau of Land Management last

week auctioned off 16 tracts of geothermal

land in northern Nevada.

The auction garnered $311,159 for

31,094 acres of land in what the agency calls

Known Geothermal Resource Areas. The

parcels were in Brady, Dixie Valley and New

York Canyon.

The seven successful bidders included

Prescoe Energy, which purchased two

parcels for a total of $155,868.36. Other

buyers were George Vrame, Ormat Nevada,

Far West Energy, Amor II Corp. and NGP

Power Corp.

According to BLM, nine power plants

currently use federal geothermal resources in

the state. Since 1986, they’ve produced 15

million megawatt hours of electricity valued

at more than a $1 billion.