Bramco wins contract for cleanup at Stead |

Bramco wins contract for cleanup at Stead

NNBW Staff

Bramco Construction Co.

of Sparks last week won a $1.25 million contract to build a facility to clean up pollution in Stead.

SECOR International Inc.

will serve as construction manager of the project under a $136,732 contract with the City of Reno.

SECOR, based in Redmond, Wash., operates an office at Carson City.

Joining with the city government in paying the costs of the cleanup will be the federal government, the Airport Authority of Washoe County, the Lear Family Trust and the Moya Olsen Lear Trust.

Investigation of the soil contamination began in 1994, and the city joined with the other entities in 1999 to develop the cleanup plan.

The facility to be built by Bramco Construction is designed to cleanup chemicals left in the area during the operation of Stead Air Force Base.

The organic chemical compounds could have an impact on two water wells in the area, city officials said.

SECOR will be responsible for supervision of the contract, review and approval of construction plans, verification of Bramco’s work and environmental monitoring of the site.


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