CannaGrow Expo to educate on the science of growing cannabis |

CannaGrow Expo to educate on the science of growing cannabis

Marcus Villagran
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CannaGrow, a two-day educational expo focusing on growing cannabis will take place this weekend, March 25 and March 26, at the Grand Sierra Resort.

This is the fifth CannaGrow Expo event organized by CannaConnections, and the first one ever to take place in Nevada.

“We’re anticipating 500 plus passionate cultivators together in Reno,” Joseph De Palma, founder of CannaConnections, said in an email with NNBW.

There are 25 educational sessions scheduled for the two-day expo. Tbose attending must be at least 18 years old.

“If you’re planning on ingesting something or growing for medicinal purposes, you need to be incredible at that craft,” De Palma said.

Sessions will mainly cover the science and techniques behind cannabis growing including the importance of soil, breeding high CBD, the science of spectrum-LED lighting, the role of oxygen, craft cannabis, plant diversity and more. There will also be a few sessions on more legal and practical aspects of cannabis growing such as intellectual property information and inventory management.

“Growing is definitely changing at a rapid pace … the sheer number of people now growing their own, combined with the availability of information today, has us seeing incredible advancements,” De Palma said. The sessions will be led by world-class growers and professionals in the industry. Session leaders include Rebecca Gasca, founder and CEO of Pistil + Stigma; Pranav Sood, CEO of Trellis; Ellen Taylor Brown, master grower at Sinsemilla Seminars and Pro Max Grow; Dr. Hope Jones, CEO at C4 Laboratories and many more.

The expo takes advantage of northern Nevada expertise including Pistil + Stigma’s Gasca talking about Cultivating in Compliance, and Minden-based Cody and Craig Witt of Full Circle Soils & Compost talking about soil fertility.

“People are passionate about this, and that’s what this event is about — bringing together the most passionate (people) so we can grow the industry’s knowledge at an ever increasing pace,” De Palma said.

Cannabis growers, grow managers, dispensary owners and grow enthusiasts are all encouraged to attend. De Palma also extends this invitation to past attendees as well, promising new information.

“Every show sees new technologies introduced as well, so there’s so much to learn even if you’ve been growing for years,” De Palma said.

On both days, there will be a Cultivation 101 class for attendees new to cannabis growing.

The CannaGrow Expo is happening a few months after a new Nevada law legalized recreational marijuana at the start of this year. Nevadans voted in favor of the law last November.

“Nevada’s recent legalization initiatives are a terrific step in bringing the process into the light,” De Palma said. “Events like CannaGrow help keep education at the forefront. It’s about continuous improvement.”

Two-day all access passes can be bought for $349 on the expo’s website. Saturday single-day passes go for $249 while Sunday single-day passes cost $199. Attendees will be provided with lunch, refreshments and networking opportunities. The Expo Hall opens at 9 a.m. both days. There will also be evening activities on both days.

Prices go up the day of the event. At the door, two-day all access passes go for $399, the Saturday single-day price goes up to $299 and the Sunday single-day price goes up to $249.

Those interested in the information but on able to attend can purchase 15 hours of session slides and audio from the expo for $1,195 online.

No cannabis is allowed at the event.

For more information and to register in advance, visit