Carson company installs Northern Nevada’s largest burn-off oven |

Carson company installs Northern Nevada’s largest burn-off oven

NNBV staff report
RHI Powder is located at 3500 Arrowhead Drive in Carson City.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. — RHI Powder, a Carson City-based company, recently completed installation of its large-scale, burn-off oven.

According to a Jan. 17 press release, the new equipment is an industrial ACE oven that can accommodate items with a maximum size of 129” L X 93” W X 88” H.

“The unit complements the cost-effective cleaning and de-coating services offered by the firm,” according to the release. “Burn-off is required to prepare items to be powder coated and to clean racks and hangers used in the powder coating manufacturing process.”

According to the company, the fully NFPA-compliant oven is the largest unit of its kind in Northern Nevada and began providing services to local manufacturing companies this month.

Further, “the oven is also the most environmentally friendly and safest unit of its kind in the area,” according to the company, which has invested over $500,000 to handle future demands, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the oven.

Per the company, such ovens are needed by local manufacturers and are required in the powder-coating — and subsequently — the coating burn-off process.

Examples of powder coating include: automobile parts, race chassis, coffee roasters, poles, pipe, fencing, exterior and interior stairs, railing and most metal objects, less magnesium.

RHI Powder, a division of RICE Hydro, Inc., offers burn-off and powder-coating services to Northern Nevada manufacturing companies from its Carson City facility at 3500 Arrowhead Drive.