Carson Valley wages a kinder, gentler tourist ad campaign |

Carson Valley wages a kinder, gentler tourist ad campaign

Pat Patera

America’s Adventure Place or a walk in the park? The appeal of the pitch may depend upon your age.

Those 20-somethings can go goggle photos of gravel-spewing mountain bikes and foam-flecked river kayaks.

But the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Authority plans to target the 50-somethings, says Skip Sayre, its executive director.

The authority is betting that an older tourist demographic, coveted because those visitors open their pocketbooks for pricey dinners and posh hotel rooms, is looking for a kinder, gentler, vacation.

A series of promotions executed via brochures, newspaper, billboard and cable TV will portray middle-aged couples who visit a historic building, bicycle a rural road, and stroll a country path.

On this vacation, the only crowds are cows in lush pasture.

The campaign was awarded to Power-house, Inc.

of Reno.

Mark Curtis, principal and creative director of the firm, says,”It’s not like what anyone else is doing.

The over-50 market appreciates light recreation, scenic beauty and history.” Because the campaign is limited by budget constraints, it targets tourists who are already on the doorstep of Carson Valley: in Reno, Carson City and South Tahoe.

It runs mid-June through October.