Click Bond, Inc. celebrates 30 years in Carson City with opening of Building 51 |

Click Bond, Inc. celebrates 30 years in Carson City with opening of Building 51

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Karl Hutter, president and CEO of Click Bond, Inc., Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell, and Jeff Shaheen, co-founder of Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC, cut the ceremonial ribbon the celebrate the opening of Click Bond’s engineering and design hub.
Courtesy Click Bond

Click Bond, Inc. kicked off its 30th anniversary celebration in Carson City with the opening of Building 51, the company’s engineering and design hub, newly renovated by Carson-based Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC.


“This space housed the original Click Bond operation and its five employees back in 1987; it represents an incredible history that has revolutionized how aircraft, ships, and other transportation vehicles are assembled around the world,” Karl Hutter, president and chief executive officer of Click Bond, Inc., said in a press release. “I am grateful to Shaheen Beauchamp Builders for an outstanding partnership that has produced a cutting-edge design and elegant workmanship fitting for the next chapter of our company’s story. I look forward to our continued collaboration on major projects as we continue to grow and sustain our operation for the long term.”


The building formerly functioned as a machine shop prior to the renovations, and will serve as the prototype lab for new products. Construction required a chunk of the building to be demolished to make way for the aeronautics-inspired atrium and conference room to be built in the middle.


Building 51 features a unique ground source high efficiency heating and cooling system designed especially for use of available groundwater on Click Bond, Inc.’s campus. Miles of pipes and 55 wells dug 250-300 feet down under the tarmac of the Carson City airport circulate water kept a fairly constant 70 degrees underground throughout the building’s HVAC system. No gas is used in the building, and all lighting is high efficiency LED.


Hutter said throughout the year-long project, production was never interrupted by construction.


“Shaheen Beauchamp Builders very creatively tore down walls, installed skylights, ran electrical and ductwork systems in the ceiling and built over-framing and never shut down production,” he said.


Click Bond is one of Carson City’s largest manufacturers, employing 330 people, with plans to hire more in the near future.


“We have a great partnership with Shaheen Beauchamp Builders,” Hutter said. “It’s not just about renovating and building infrastructure. It’s all about planning for the future and where our next adventure takes us.”


Jeff Shaheen, co-founder of Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC said the aerodynamic design of Building 51 showcases Click Bond’s passion for and long history supporting the aviation sector and for bringing skilled jobs to Carson City.


“We are proud of the relationship we’ve had with Click Bond, Inc. over the past four years,” Jeff Shaheen, co-founder of Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC and project executive on Building 51, said in a press release. “It’s not just a great building, it’s enabling great people to do great work.”


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