Corporate golf membership: A good investment |

Corporate golf membership: A good investment

What is the value of a corporate golf membership? Here are the thoughts of the executive team at Montrêux Golf & Country Club:

Heather Olson:

A corporate golf membership is beneficial to a company for both external and internal purposes. Golf can secure a meeting with an exclusive client, improve team relationships with colleagues, and enhance industry relationships as a whole.

In addition to the country club facilities, the golf course serves as an ideal business environment. Not only is playing golf a good way to meet new business contacts and networking in general, but it is also a good way to establish closer relationships with your business associates. Business is clearly affiliated with golf and as the saying goes ‘deals are made on the golf course!’

A corporate membership at a private club is especially beneficial as it may be the only opportunity a client or team member will have to enjoy the experience of an exclusive members-only facility — always a treat!

At Montrêux, for example, members designated on a corporate golf membership can be changed yearly for a nominal fee. A corporate membership, which also includes the member’s immediate family, is a great incentive to recruit that sought-after executive employee to your business and the Reno area. Another option would be to designate the membership to the top-producing executive of your company each year.

Jason Brustad:

Some of the most successful people I have met in my young career have been through the game of golf as corporate members of clubs I have had the privilege in working at. I believe the game of golf has helped these individuals become more successful through the etiquettes the game quietly teaches you as well as the skills of building positive relationships, as an enjoyable day on the links so easily encourages. Utilizing a corporate golf membership at a club is a long tradition of the most successful minds, and the perfect complement for an individual to enjoy his or her private time in a peaceful, setting, reflecting on work related items, while also having ready the perfect location for an out-of-office business dealing.

As a business in a most competitive market, having a corporate golf membership can help your company find success for two major reasons. First, being able to display a healthy company image in sustaining a corporate membership at a club is a strong message in self-marketing to your clientele. If a client is choosing to do business with one company or the next, the client undoubtedly will choose to deal with the business enjoying the benefits and lifestyle of a corporate golf membership as to the business who lacks the same. As a business with such a membership, inviting your clientele out for a day at the club is an act that exudes confidence and success, two qualities a client is most looking for.

Secondly, as a business looking to entertain multiple clients or distinguish between which groups of multiple prospects you would look to do business in the future, inviting these individuals out to a day on the links is one of the best ways to really get to know who you are or would be working with. Not that your next business partner has to be a scratch golfer, but how that individual interacts with other members of your foursome, the club staff, etc., are all signals of how they will help or hurt your business down the line, qualities that are sometimes hard to read in the office interview.

Lisa Anderson:

A country club membership is a great way to enhance your business operation and increase employee morale. Private clubs offer a serene setting in which you can host your clients and staff not only for great golf but for social events and business meetings. Most clubs have beautiful décor and well-trained staffs that provide an atmosphere of pampering and excellence. Clubs in our region provide a unique experience for those members and non-members who aren’t familiar with the culture. Using all of the amenities that clubs offer including the golf course, practice areas, fitness center, pool, dining, spa amenities and personalized touches make your membership a valuable tool.

Hosting a business meeting at a club allows you access to meeting space for that private session you may need to host with VIP clients or your management team. Wireless access, audiovisual components and special menu planning are available in most clubs. All services and meals are usually competitively priced with more generic places that cannot match the quality experience given in the private club setting.

Need to plan a management retreat for your board or staff? In these economic times our expense line for hosting quality meetings is diminished. A recent member hosted a great getaway day at our club that included the usual meeting format and food service but they added breakout sessions for their staff in our fitness center for stress relieving stretches and yoga moves before heading back into their strategic planning session. What a creative way to make your staff feel special and have a renewed spirit about working at your company!

Clubs can customize a menu for that special event you may want to host. Dining in a cub is a special treat for your guests who may not normally have access to this type of restaurant environment. With advance notice club employees are happy to create individual special table décor, arrange for flowers and centerpieces and even customize a dessert plate for that special touch. As a member of a club you can provide that extra wow factor that differentiates you from your competitors.

Now is a great time to join an area club that meets your needs. It is an investment in your business that will continue to pay dividends!

Heather Olson is membership director, Jason Brustad is director of golf and Lisa Anderson is general manager of Montrêux Golf & Country Club. Contact them at 775-849-1090 or through


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