Corporate jets company opens |

Corporate jets company opens

Anne Knowles

If you — or your company — is in the market for a corporate jet, executives of a new company located at the Minden-Tahoe Airport would like to talk with you.

Tahoe Aviation, which opened the doors on its 26,000-square-foot facility at the Carson Valley airport last week, provides service and maintenance for corporate airplanes.

“We sell and buy aircraft. We are a turnkey service for companies that are very good at making widgets and have a need for transportation,” says Arnold Peterson, president and CEO of the new venture.

Peterson says the company will also lease airplanes to the traveling executive.

“Some businesses like to hire a pilot and have them on the payroll, some want to write a check once a month,” says Peterson.

Tahoe Aviation’s airport building, built by A & A Construction Inc., contains three hangars and two, 1,100-square-foot offices. The company has one client so far and employs one worker for fuel services. It plans to hire more as needed, says Peterson.

The business, a joint venture between APRI Aviation, Inc. and Falcon Aerospace Inc., is a reincarnation of sorts. Peterson has been in the corporate aircraft services industry for 30 years and until 2005 ran a similar business in the Bay Area, where he employed 49 workers.

“I’ll visit all my old customers after the holidays and we can pick up where we left off,” says Peterson.