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CSI rolls out station for HIV/AIDS patients

NNBW Staff

Computerized Screening Inc.

of Sparks has rolled out a customized version of its Health Station to deliver treatment information to HIV/AIDS patients.

The Health Station is a digital, freestanding kiosk that measures blood pressure, heart rate, weight and Body Mass Index.

Users can conduct overall health screenings as well.

CSI says HIV/AIDS outreach programs can place customized kiosks in non-threatening, non-clinical settings such as restaurants, subways and drugstores and encourage patients to monitor their health.

In addition, outreach programs can equip the systems to dispense vouchers redeemable for food, healthcare supplies or transportation.

Charles Bluth, the founder and CEO of CSI, said use of the kiosk addresses the key concern of anonymity among HIV/AIDS patients.

Because they’re worried about public disclosure, HIV/AIDS patients often don’t seek medical care.

The Health Station asks that they identify themselves with a personal identification number that maintains anonymity.

Bluth said the Health Station is equipped with Internet and telephone service so users can schedule medical or counseling appointments.

CSI Health Stations are used in Los Angeles as part of the JWCH Institute’s initiative to provide treatment information to underserved patients.

The Health Stations customized for HIV/AIDS outreach are programmed with information about the disease and treatment options.

Founded in 1978, CSI is privately held.


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