Dear ABC: Please don’t say "Push, Nevahda" |

Dear ABC: Please don’t say "Push, Nevahda"

Those ABC Television promotions for its

new series, “Push, Nevada,” rankled just a bit

at the state’s tourism office in Carson City.

You know, the promotions that pronounce

the state’s name “Nevahda” the way outof-

towners always do it.

Chris Chrystal, who handles media relations

for the commission on tourism, was on

the phone with ABC a couple of weeks ago,

shortly after she saw samples of the show and

its promotional material.

She ever-so-politely explained the

problem with the mispronunciation. The

network said it can’t re-shoot the episodes

and promotional spots it already has in the

can, but promised to pronounce the state’s

name correctly in the future.

So how does Chrystal explain the correct

pronunciation during her near-constant

correction calls to broadcasters

around the country?

She quotes longtime Associated Press

newsman Brendan Riley: The “a” in Nevada

is flat as in “gambling.”


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