Dermody uses green initiatives to meet energy-efficiency goals |

Dermody uses green initiatives to meet energy-efficiency goals

John Atwell

Long before the “green” movement developed in recent years, Dermody Properties was a leader in developing projects that were considered cutting edge in sustainable materials and energy-efficient design. Dermody Properties believes in sustainability through superior design and materials to achieve energy efficient and environmentally conscious facilities for our clients. We are also very intent upon educating our clients and ourselves on inherent benefits of energy conscious philosophy and practices.

As part of our green commitment, Dermody Properties implements conscientious site design in order to reduce the impact on the land and environment around a facility by using recycled materials as well as water and energy efficient systems to reduce over-use. We also use natural lighting and temperature-control systems to improve indoor air quality, all to promote employee well being and increase productivity.

As an active member and supporter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Dermody Properties has developed 2.2 million square feet of LEED-certified projects in the past three years with a team of LEED-Accredited Professionals (LEEDAP). Dermody Properties’ team of LEEDAPs has the expertise needed to develop LEED projects and is committed to this quickly advancing standard. We also continue to look for innovative methods and products that will provide value to our clients.

Why do we do all of this? As always … for the benefit of our clients’ experience and satisfaction, as well as for the environment. Studies show that LEED-designed buildings result in significant operational savings as much as 20 percent primarily in energy costs, over the life cycle of a building.

Recently, we announced, in conjunction with United Construction Company, that we would be developing and building Urban Outfitters’ Western United States Internet Fulfillment Center in Stead. This 462,720-square-foot project in Dermody Properties’ LogistiCourt at Silver Lake is scheduled to be completed in June 2012 and is designed to be USGBC LEED Silver Certified. Our commitment to developing energy efficient buildings with this project benefits not only Urban Outfitters, but also the northern Nevada environment.

The existing buildings within LogistiCourt at Silver Lake a 100-plus acre industrial park in Stead also reflect Dermody Properties’ energy-efficient philosophy. These buildings include T-5 lighting and 2 percent skylights that create a healthier work environment, improve employee satisfaction and productivity and greatly reduce energy costs. They also have painted white walls that increase reflectivity and improve aesthetics, insulated dock doors, thermally insulated window frames and windows that are 42 percent more energy efficient than standard insulated windows, and bicycle racks and carpool/hybrid parking to encourage alternative transportation. All tenant spaces are finished with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint, and vents and ducts are post-construction cleaned for improved indoor air quality.

Also within LogistiCourt at Silver Lake is the unique use of macro polymeric fiber concrete slabs. These slabs are made from high-volume synthetic fiber rather than conventional tried-and-true steel as the concrete reinforcement material. One of the many benefits to using these slabs is that they are more sustainable due to their lower maintenance and increased longevity. This is yet another example of how Dermody Properties continues to look for state-of-the-art energy-efficient, environmentally friendly practices.

Dermody Properties’ latest LEED-certified project is Penn Jersey’s corporate headquarters and distribution center, which achieved Silver Certification. This facility was completed in Philadelphia in April 2011. The project achieved the certification because of its sustainable and environmentally conscious features that reduce energy consumption through the use of motion sensor lighting, efficient plumbing fixtures and its ability to process 100 percent of storm water on-site in order to reduce pollution caused by runoff. The 255,336-square-foot Penn Jersey facility is the fifth LEED certification for a Dermody Properties’ facility.

In spite of our impressive LEED accomplishments, Dermody Properties’ commitment to energy conservation does not stop with achieving Certifications. Often, many clients and projects are not in a position to go through the rigorous process to achieve LEED Certification, but Dermody Properties still seeks the best options for our clients, including energy efficient design features.

Dermody Properties continually places our customers first. Our commitment to energy-efficient facilities and practices for our customers is just part of how we demonstrate our customer-centric focus.

John Atwell is chief operating officer of Dermody Properties.


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