Developers donate fitness equipment to Reno Ice, Village on Sage Street |

Developers donate fitness equipment to Reno Ice, Village on Sage Street

NNBW staff report
Some of the donated equipment was installed recently at The Village on Sage Street housing project near downtown Reno.
Courtesy Photo: Village on Sage Street

RENO,Nev. — Reno Land Inc. and Lyon Living Inc. recently made a donation of exercise equipment to The Village on Sage Street and Reno Ice.

The equipment, valued at tens of thousands of dollars, was previously housed at the now-closed Lakeridge Tennis Club, according to a June 23 press release.

The 216-unit, dorm-style, low-income Village on Sage Street housing project, which opened last August near downtown Reno, has since installed the donated equipment for residential use in the common areas. 

“This donation … will help to further accommodate the residents who otherwise may not have access to a gym,” Devin McFarland, Community Administrator at The Village on Sage Street, said in a statement. “We deeply appreciate the commitment of Reno Land Inc. and Lyon Living Inc. to the progress of Northern Nevada.”

The nonprofit Reno Ice will use donated equipment to train hockey players, figure skaters and other ice-sport participants at the Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena; construction on the $9.5 million project in the South Valleys Regional Sports Complex broke ground this spring.

Joel Grace, Vice President-Development of Reno Land Inc., said the equipment donation represents the company’s strong support to fostering a vibrant community.

“We work hard at projects like Rancharrah and the redevelopment of Park Lane to create a brighter future and sense of community for Northern Nevada,” Grace said in a statement. “We are proud to support projects like these in Nevada that are working equally hard to create spaces that are essential for the growth of our community.” 

Lakeridge Tennis Club closed permanently on May 29.

“We were able to withstand 8 weeks of closure (due to COVID-19) while maintaining our goal to reopen when gyms were determined to be safe by the government,” according to a letter to members from the tennis club announcing the closure and termination of all memberships. “But with the transfer of ownership to Reno Land, LTC has faced the hard reality of needing to close its doors permanently.”

The property will be demolished and redeveloped by Reno Land Inc. and Lyon Living Inc. into a residential community for active seniors after gaining approval from the city of Reno in May, according to media reports.


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