Do you have a lost Web site? |

Do you have a lost Web site?

Ray Moore

Your Web site may not technically be lost, but if no one can find you…

So, either you have a site for your own personal use or you really do want Google to proudly display your site as the answer to a query.

Ask yourself: Do you have anything to sell? Do you advertise on your Web site? Do you long for more visitors?

SEO is the answer.

What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization? It’s the ability for a website to be found in response to a search engine query. Examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, and many more.

There is an adage that if you don’t have a plan to succeed, you really have a plan to fail!

So make a plan for SEO that includes:

* Be careful with page names. Change them to match content and inspire interest. Be sure your page name actually says something about the content of that page. For example, “aboutus.html” is not unique and says nothing about your company, but “information_about_ remote_computer_contractors.html” does.

* Add comments throughout pages. Comments are not visible, but are seen by search-engine robots scouring websites. Again, be sure the comments reflect the content of the page. Do not copy the same comments onto every page because then you diminish your site and don’t empower your SEO. Make comments compelling by splattering good information throughout and be sure to incorporate your keywords, words from your page name, words from your page title and words from page content.

* Get sites to link to you. Links to your site impress search engines that you must have something good to say. Talk to your friends, colleagues, even competitors about exchanging links.

* Create a newsletter or blog. Inspire visitors to learn more. Become the expert at your topic. Don’t hide your old newsletters; turn them into additional web pages, so people have another way and another reason to find you.

Remember that SEO is a science. It takes years to get proficient, not to mention becoming a SEO master. If you have enough interest, read enough books and learn through trial and error, you will begin to see your pages and sites on Google page 1. That makes it all worthwhile!

Ray Moore is chief executive officer of Labawt Inc., a Reno company that provides remote contracting services to the information technology industry, and the author of an upcoming book “Where’s My Website? ” Lessons from an SEO Master.” Contact him through or at (888) 452-2298.


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