Don’t allow fear to rule your actions |

Don’t allow fear to rule your actions

Jane Boucher

A lot of us are concerned with security.

We are concerned about our national security, our financial security, our emotional security and our physical security.

There are people who will not make decisions because they are afraid the decisions will threaten their security.

Most of us have taken risks.

Some of us take bigger risks than others.We would not be where we are today if we had not taken risks, and we certainly won’t be where we want to be tomorrow if we don’t take more.

Life is, after all, one big risk.

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When we are young, we seem to have fewer fears.

Something happens as we mature.

People tell us not to walk across the street we might get hit by a car.

Don’t take candy from a stranger.

Always be careful, because we don’t know what might be around the corner.

So we become afraid.We become afraid to be autonomous.We ask others what

their opinions are for our circumstances.

Sometimes, we live our lives according to our parent’s wills …

when it really wasn’t what we wanted at all.

We become immobilized and some of us live our lives in “quiet desperation.” We know we need to move; we know we need to make decisions …

but we are scared.

For those who live in fear …

the greatest tragedy of all is that we never know what we could have been, could have become, or could have had.Where opportunity exists …

often security does not.

Jane Boucher is an author and professional speaker with offices in Reno and Ohio.

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