Douglas county launches video tour on website |

Douglas county launches video tour on website

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A new video tour book highlighting Douglas County is now available on the county web site. The video features topics such as education, quality of life, economic vitality, health and living, tourism, and law enforcement.

“These short videos provide a glimpse into what makes Douglas County not only a great place to live but also an exciting place to visit,” said Melissa Blosser, Public Information Officer in a press release. “From our quality of life, tourism, economic vitality and public safety, Douglas County is full of places to experience, trails to hike, and recreation to enjoy.”

In August of 2016, CGI Communications approached the county with an offer to produce the video tour book at no charge; advertising revenue from local businesses covered the production costs of the videos – tax funds were not used for this project. Several local businesses participated with CGI by purchasing advertising that appears with the video tour book.

Scripts for the videos were produced by the county, and in August, a videographer spent three days capturing footage throughout the county.

“This was a great opportunity for the county, and we thank the local businesses that worked with CGI on this project,” said Blosser. The county encourages the public to view the videos and to share them on their social media platforms and websites.

The videos can be viewed here:


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