Douglas sheriff upping patrols to protect business during closures |

Douglas sheriff upping patrols to protect business during closures

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DSCO Sheriff Dan Coverley.
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MINDEN, Nev. — In response to the order issued by Gov. Sisolak on Tuesday regarding mandatory statewide business closures, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies will be increasing their patrol presence to protect local businesses.

“It is the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office priority to provide a continued partnership with our community and enhance the quality of security for all,” Sheriff Dan Coverley said Wednesday. “Conducting business checks and visibly increasing patrol presence is our first frontline effort to providing overall safety for businesses during this difficult time. Rest assured DCSO will be working around the clock with our business community in mind.”

Coverley said his office is asking people to be mindful and please be advised to practice caution when participating in outdoor activities.

“We understand that a lot of people are participating in outdoor recreation in response to this isolation period, and we encourage it, but ask you to do it safely,” Coverley said. “Many of our resources are being dedicated to the COVID-19 response and keeping people and businesses safe, now is not the time to travel off into a potentially unsafe area.”

Coverley asked that residents do not participate in high-risk situations that might lead one off the beaten path as resources are being used to maximum level.

Some tips for safe outdoor recreation are:

  • Stay on marked trails
  • Participate in activities with another person (6 feet apart) so you aren’t alone in an emergency
  • Know your limits and plan your outdoor activity level accordingly
  • Carry a basic first-aid kit with you
  • Use protective gear
  • Be alert for slippery areas
  • Don’t mix alcohol and outdoor rec

“DCSO remains unwavering in our commitment to serve and protect the county,” Coverley said. “We thank the public for their understanding during these uncertain and fast-changing times.”


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